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Food and Beverage Director at the Chateau Marmont
Amanda Grandinetti is the Food and Beverage Director at one of the world’s most glamorous hotels, the Chateau Marmont. Before beginning at the glitzy Chateau some eleven years ago Amanda worked at a handful of the finest restaurants worldwide including Stars in Seattle and Foreign Cinema in San Francisco. With years of experience behind her Amanda is the perfect person to head up all the high profile events for Hollywood’s who’s who…

Home is…
I call Melbourne home but for now it’s West Hollywood, California.

What do you do?
Food and Beverage Director at the Chateau Marmot 

Do you have any hot tips on how to secure a room upgrade?
Can’t give away trade secrets :)

We’re all over etiquette at WY? so tell us your top 5 Hotel Etiquette tips/must do’s?
I have just one. Be polite. Common courtesy goes a long way no matter who you are or where you are in life. 

You are in the thick of awards season, what cocktail is currently ‘en vogue’ in LA?
Moscow Mule seems to be making a big come back and anything with Tequila!!

Best hangover remedy after too many cocktails?
Water, water and more water! If that fails coconut water and Berocca always do the trick.

How do you look after yourself?
During awards season I don’t drink and I try to keep my sugar intake to a minimum (although there is nothing better than a Suzy’s cupcake in moments of high stress!) The Paleo diet, water, sleep and exercise are also my best friends during busy times, along with a B12 shot weekly. 

What’s your go-to at home meal after a long day at work?
I stop at my favourite Japanese restaurant Hirozen for a seaweed salad and salmon and halibut sashimi to go. Gluten free carrot cake from Sweet Lady Jane on Melrose is necessary if it’s been a particularly rough day…sometimes two pieces are required! 

Favourite L.A. hotspots for…
Celeb sightings? Not on those hyped celebrity bus tours that’s for sure!
Vegetarian/raw food? Real Food Daily and Crossroads
Shopping? For the all time best retail experience head to Just One Eye. Or else Robertson Street between Third and Beverley, Satine on Third, American Rag on La Brea, Barneys New York on Wilshire Blvd, Fred Segal (the one in Santa Monica is great), Free City Super Shop, James Perse Super Shop (across from Free City) and the Grove Shopping Centre on Fairfax.
Coffee catch-ups? Alfred Coffee & Kitchen on Melrose Place. It’s the closest you will get to an Australian style coffee in L.A.

You’ve lived in L.A, San Francisco, Seattle, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Melbourne. Where to for Amanda next?
I think I’ll be in L.A. for a while now but who knows what will happen in the future! I have always seen myself growing old in Melbourne but for now Los Angeles is keeping me very happy and you certainly can’t beat the weather and lifestyle!

  • After a stressful week we hear you love to get a massage. Who’s Your masseuse?
  • I go to a Korean Spa. You will never go to one of those fancy spas again after experiencing what is an everyday tradition in the Korean culture. The ninety minute Milk Scrub and Body Oil Massage is one of my favourites.