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Amanda Waaldyk

Melbourne Chinese Medicine Doctor and Fertility specialist
Melbourne Chinese Medicine Doctor and Fertility specialist Dr Amanda Waaldyk is the Director of Angea Fertility Clinic and the Founder of Angea Yoga Studio, helping hundreds of women achieve their dream of pregnancy through both businesses. Amanda has worked internationally with some of the best fertility experts and studied Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at renowned Chinese hospitals including Zhejiang Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Hangzhou, Red Cross International Hospital Huai Hua and Jinan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Shandong TCM Affiliated Hospital. Having been through the fertility journey herself, Amanda’s vision is to create a community for women to come together, share and connect through their Yoga and Acupuncture experiences.

Amanda Waaldyk

Home is…
Prahran, Victoria

What do you do?
I’m a new mum, Dr. in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and Fertility & Prenatal Yoga Instructor. I also support and educate women on their fertility journey into motherhood and beyond.

I always carry…
My Love & Hate Change/Nappy Bag – It holds spare nappies, baby wipes, spare change of clothes and a bottle.
My mobile phone – I couldn’t live without my phone. It’s my connection to my business and diary. It also holds my debit and credit card and $5 for a coffee.
Bag of Nuts – I am addicted to nuts of any kind. If I’m on the run I always need a healthy pick me up.
Bottle of water – Can’t live without my water! I always need to feel hydrated, especially while breastfeeding.

Favourite hour of the day and why?
6.15am for my daily yoga practice. It gives me an hour to myself and sets me up for the entire day. I’m grounded, energised and my mind is clear.

Would never part with…
My old road bike. This bike has been on a life journey with me and has travelled 1000’s of kilometers. It carried me during the K4, a 400km non-stop ride over 24 hours.

Describe your beauty routine…
I’m a believer that what we consume and how we treat our bodies is a direct reflection of our inner and outer self. My mornings consist of washing my face with a cold face washer to revitilise and wake myself up, I then apply my daily moisturiser, Thalgo Collagen Cream. I then apply my Mac bronzer and Mac masacara after moisturising. I like to keep my look natural for work.  At night I use Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Cleanse and once a week I do a facial scrub using Thalgo Organic Terre & Mer. My nightcream is Environ AVST Vitamin A C & E Bodily Oil.

Favourite way to spend your Saturday…
Wake up as a family, bring my daughter Winnie into our bed for morning hugs and play, go for a family walk around the tan or Albert Park lake, have a coffee at Pardon and then breakfast at Tall Timber. After that I love to shop at the Prahran Market. In the afternoon I enjoy hanging out at home or practicing yoga. Evenings are spent having hugs on the couch and watching a movie.

What are the top three benefits of Fertility Yoga?
1. We have spent so many years trying not to fall pregnant that we have lost our connection to ourselves. Fertility yoga allows women to connect back into their bodies and brings a level of awareness to self.
2. It regulates your menstrual cycle and balances your endocrine system. Fertility Yoga uses specific postures to nourish and stimulate the reproductive organs.
3. Yoga reduces stress. We do different types of pranayama breathing with yoga asana which brings the body out of its “flight or fight” response, or as I like to call it, “the stressed state ” into the beautiful parasympathetic dominance of “ rest and digest”. This is when the magic happens in our body, it allows the body to tap into its own healing intelligence.

You see infertility as a workable challenge? What are your top two tips to help boost fertility?
1. Be mindful of lifestyle choices – What we do now can impact our fertility later in life so you want to treat your body like it’s already pregnant. Most people are willing to make healthy lifestyle changes for conception and to have a healthy baby but it’s important to consider lifestyle choices all throughout life. Be conscious about the food you consume and avoid preservatives, processed foods, refined sugars, caffeine and alcohol.
2. Nurture and nourish – We need to look after ourselves and this begins with listening to our bodies and tuning in to what it needs. Adequate sleep and rest is a must. Find activities that make your heart sing.  Practice mindfulness and meditation, even if this means going for a walk. Learn to de-stress! Sex is a fantastic stress-reducer, as long as the pressure to ‘make a baby’ doesn’t overshadow it!

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a new mum and how have you overcome it?
I was running my clinic and studio alone when I fell pregnant so I had to find employees – and fast! The biggest challenge was finding the right people that were going to support me and the Angea Brand.

When and why should we consider using Chinese Herbal Medicine?
Chinese Herbal Medicine is truly amazing. Interestingly, the Chinese have been practicing Herbal Medicine for thousands of years.  If we are talking about fertility and women’s health, I highly recommend herbs to help women regulate their menstrual cycle and balance their hormones. Endometriosis responds so well to herbs. For men, I recommend using herbs to improve sperm quality and quantity.

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