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Fashion Presenter
Amber Renae loves talking style – and we love to listening! Coming to prominence as a contestant on season two of fashion design series Project Runway Australia, her effervescent personality and great knowledge of all things sartorial helped her land a presenting role on Fashion TV. Now working predominantly as a stylist – with her high-profile client list including Vogue Australia, Marie Claire, Ruby Rose and Laura Dundovic – we’re looking to this go-getting former civil engineer (yes, you read that correctly!) for our key styles of the season.

Home is…?
Well my home home is on the Sunshine Coast of QLD, but I have recently moved to Bondi – and the bubble is a lot of fun!

What do you do?
I play dress-ups with people, sometimes models, sometimes celebrities but often just everyday women.

What is your signature style?
I love everything that’s glam, sexy and covered in bling, and being a QLDer at heart, I love colour.

You have worked with so many celebrities. Who have been some of your favorites?
I’m currently working with Deborah Mailman, and styling her for the Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet was a highlight of my career.   

How should one create their own personal style?
Figure out which trend or style suits you, then style that with an opposing trend. For instance, if you look best in feminine styles, wear them and coordinate them with something a bit edgier, like studs or leather.

What’s a quick style tip?
A quick and easy way to ‘update’ your existing wardrobe is to buy accessories each season in the current ‘IT’ colour.  For instance, neon yellow is huge right now, but won’t be around for long, so to save your $$$ and look ‘on-trend’, simply grab some neon belts/earrings/bags and away you go!

Any tools of the trade that us general folk can take advantage of?
Merchandising your wardrobe is a great tool that can make the dressing process easier.  This means arranging your garments by colour or style (or both).

What are some of the mistakes short women make in styling themselves?
Every time you change the colour across your body horizontally you visually loose 2 inches of height. For instance, if you wear a black legging, a red skirt and a white top, you loose 2+2+2 = 6 inches. Another classic mistake is wearing a ¾ pant or legging, which is another easy way to loose inches of height and make your legs appear shorter than they are! 

Which fashion blogs and websites do you like to check out?
I spend a lot of time on, WGSN and Womens Wear Daily, and of course I’m on my blog for Siren Shoes all the time.

What’s your fave online shopping site and why?
I love the cheap and cheerful sites where you can grab something for a steal and know that you’ll be one of the few in Oz rocking that style.  I check out ASOSRiver Island and Topshop to name a few. 

Who’s your favourite brands for ….
Jeans: I’ve literally just stumbled across Sarah Turbin – a local gal making some fab cuts of denim. I’m kind of obsessing over her flares!

Underwear:  I’ve actually just started designing for a new underwear line called Push Play – stay tuned, you’ll be hearing a lot more about this soon!

Jewellery: My latest find is Tara Wolf Chakra bracelets that make elegant bracelets in each of the 7 Chakras and 12 Zodiacs. They are a fashionable prompt to remind us about ourselves, our thoughts and our aspirations.

ShoesSiren Shoes – a fantastic Aussie label designed in Melbourne, I rock a pair of Sirens on a daily basis!

Make-upCiccone Cosmetics – another great Melbourne brand filled with all natural ingredients – you can’t go past their Voluptus lipstick for the perfect shade of red

  • I love Rachel Ruddick‘s bags – an Aussie designer who is doing some innovative things with bags and clutches.