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Founder of The Holistic Ingredient
When chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) put a swift end to a million-mile-an-hour corporate career, it also created the most incredible life transformation imaginable for Amy Crawford. Now free of CFS, Amy credits her return to health to a whole food, sugar/toxic free lifestyle combined with extensive energy healing and a range of therapies called CTC (Combined Therapy Cocktail) of which she is now a practitioner. Amy's blog and business The Holistic Ingredient and her whole foods eBook, A Nourishing Kitchen, combine her passion for food and cooking, toxic-free living and healing therapies.

Home is…
Melbourne, Australia.

What do you do?
CTC Practitioner, Health Coach, Author of whole foods eBook, A Nourishing Kitchen and writer of the blog, The Holistic Ingredient.

Annoying habit?
I’m terribly timely; in fact many could set their watch by me. Not annoying for me but I’m sure it is for others! 

People are surprised to hear that I….
Used to be a party girl and typically the last one standing. It’s quite the opposite these days I can assure you. 

Can’t live without and why?
1. Wilson, my dog. He’s been my sidekick throughout my recovery and I can’t tell you the joy he has brought to my life.
2. My jars of activated nuts! I am nut obsessed…biggest weakness of all.
3. My iPhone. I could run my business from my iPhone (almost). 

 Top two strategies for stress reduction and why?
1. Switch off technology, all of it, for a weekend, if not longer.
2. Try out an infrared sauna; I am fortunate to have one at home and am addicted to the sense of vitality it creates in my body. 

What are three toxic food relationships that you recommend giving up?
Refined sugar, gluten and overly processed foods.

You lived in Tasmania while you were on your ‘path to wellness’. What are your favourite places in Tasmania for:
A nourishing meal?
Fresh in Launceston for yum vegetarian, Queen of Vegan in Launceston for…you guessed it, vegan! I also love Stillwater for it’s beautiful setting on the water and it’s totally divine menu.
Grocery shopping? Harvest Market on Saturdays, Ye Olde Green Grocer on Charles Street.
Massage? No question at all, a fabulously talented lady and fellow Health Coach in the making, Fiona Culley in Launceston.
Yoga? I couldn’t tell you, I was fortunate to have private classes with a delightful girl who has since left the state.

What’s next for Amy?
The next significant date on the horizon is the continuation of our ‘Detox Your Pantry’ national tour – we are off to Sydney next week and will follow that up with Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and (of course) Tassie. We have just recently started work on the next eBook in the A Nourishing Kitchen series, ‘Morning’.

Tell us what’s on your weekly shopping list?
My shopping basket is full of seasonal veggies sourced from my local organic store – Always avocado and lots of greens and vibrant colours, as well as nuts and seeds (of every variety you can imagine), quinoa, fresh berries, cacao, goji berries, maca powder and coconut (in all its forms). I love getting creative with Greek yoghurt so I will often throw that in as well. I buy organic, grass fed beef and lamb and organic chicken.

What would your last meal be and why?
Easy as. Raw chocolate in some way, shape or form. Oh how I love raw chocolate. I could most certainly make a meal out of it! I make my own and it has a very short use by date

Top five ‘foodies’ to follow and why?
Nourish Melbourne – wonderful culmination of nourishing places to visit in Melbourne put together by Natasha Mason.
Catie Gett of The Staple Store – Catie has the most extraordinary depth of knowledge, she is forever teaching us how we can better nourish our bodies.
Buffy-Ellen Gill from Be Good Organics – Buffy runs this fabulous online organic store in New Zealand. She is a plant-based ‘queen’ and constantly inspires me to choose plant over meat.
Jessica Cox – Jess is a Nutritionist in Brisbane and her creations leave my mouth watering, day after day. Jess’s focus is around intolerance friendly food – there is much to learn in Jess’s feeds if you need to be particularly careful.
Lola Berry – there isn’t much this lady doesn’t do! She’s one of the most authentic women I know, living her truth day in and day out. She’s a whole food nerd like me which makes me like her even more.

  • You love to be pampered. So tell us, Who’s Your Masseuse?
  • Joanna comes to your home and pampers you. There is nothing better. Off a massage table and straight onto my couch with a cuppa. Heaven!