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Director at PR/Communications Agency, Two Birds Talking
Public Relations dynamo Amy Tansley cut her professional teeth in the marketing department at Australian sunglass house, Oakley, before learning the ways of the international market at her next gig, launching European clothing brands locally. Amy’s latest venture is Two Birds Talking, her own Public Relations firm launched with fellow fashion veteran Pru Corrigan, which now has offices in both Sydney and Melbourne, and a client list including big-name Australian brands like KOOKAÏ, Nike, Smiggle and Lovisa. With all this knowledge and experience under her always on-trend belt, Amy is our go-to gal for everything fashion, publicity and getting your brand’s message to the masses.

Home is…
A little but divine art deco house in Windsor, Victoria.

What do you do?
Director at PR/Communications Agency, Two Birds Talking.

Take us through an average day in your world…
Fortunately or unfortunately – there are no average days in PR. However, the majority of my time is spent talking – whether it be to the Birds team, to media or to clients.

If you could only advertise through print, radio, television or online, which medium would you choose?
For our business and client base, I would say online – it’s instant, flexible and quick to market. In saying that, I still believe there is a great demand for mainstream print and glossies. What girl doesn’t like flicking through a stack of magazines on a weekend?

Your company is spread across two states, what’s your favourite hotel to stay in when you’re on business?
Either the BLUE in Woolloomooloo, Sydney (it feels homely even though it’s a hotel) or otherwise Adina Apartments, Surry Hills  – it’s close to my favourite coffee haunt and within walking distance to our Sydney nest.

You’re planning a party for a new client, what venue do you choose?
For restaurant locations, I would say Claremont Tonic in Melbourne. The décor is NYC meets Asian cool and I like the vibe. It’s in a slightly obscure location that has an element of discovery about it (another tick). In Sydney, I would go to Chiswick – fresh, light and bright.

You must spend plenty of time online. Do you have a computer technician?
We sure do - ITtelligent. Being efficient online is key to the success of our business and ITtelligent does an amazing job of keeping us on track.

You’re known to be relatively health conscious, but who do you turn to when you need to indulge?
I love anything ‘super food’ – so highly recommend trying Conscious Chocolate. Go for either the nut or goji berry variety.

What are your must-have items?
My phone, daily vitamins, crystals, runners (for mind, body and spirit time!), mints and a sweet treat in my handbag.

  • I love Prosport – run by Tim Hazell and Tim Strapp. It’s a running group that meets at the Tan (Melbourne’s Botanical Gardens) every Wednesday at 6am. Yes, it’s an early start but an hour of running as the sun comes up is such a great start to the day