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Anna Weatherlake

Blogger and Penguin Foundation Ambassador
Anna Weatherlake is a health and plant-based nutrition coach, traveller, animal rights advocate, food enthusiast, journalism graduate, eco-warrior and the partner of Aussie fast bowler Peter Siddle.
Anna has a Bachelor degree in Journalism and Politics, and a Masters Certificate in plant-based nutrition. She also blogs at ‘Earth by Anna’ ( which is the newly created platform where she shares her knowledge, the places, the interviews, the goods and the experiences she discovers both locally and around the world. All are cruelty-free, vegan, health-orientated, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Anna Weatherlake

Home is…
Ormond, Victoria – or anywhere in the world my partner is playing (professional cricket) at the time.

What do you do?
Blogger at Earth by Anna, plant-based nutrition coach, ambassador for The Penguin Foundation and Edgar’s Mission and model at Wink Models.

Beauty secret?
It might sound cliché, but nothing beats a good nights’ sleep (hello, 8 hours!), drinking lots of water, getting some Vitamin D from sunshine and eating a nutritionally adequate diet full of lots of raw fruit and vegetables. If I fall off the bandwagon slightly with any of these, then it shows in my eyes, my skin and my mood – they all suck!

Right now I’m inspired by…
I find inspiration in the everyday, so at the moment it’s travel, nature in the Spring and my dear friend Roz Kelly with her new website. She is driven, kind and so on-the-ball with such a huge zest for life.

Favourite scent?
I have too many! Fresh lavender, geranium or lemongrass are my favourites and I’m wearing Bergamote by Le Labo at the moment. All their scents are cruelty-free and vegan.

You’re an Ambassador for the Penguin Foundation and love animals. If you could be an animal what would it be and why?
I am a huge animal lover (I love them all!) and see it as a real honour to be an ambassador for something as fantastic as the Penguin Foundation, Phillip Island Nature Parks. The researchers, rangers and everyone else involved do an incredible job protecting the lives, welfare and environment of one of Australia’s most important creatures, the little penguin. It’s a fantastic foundation to be a part of.

In terms of what animal I would be, that is a tough question. Every animal I would like to be is either eaten, worn, hunted or facing extinction thanks to environmental issues or poaching. Unfortunately no animal escapes the wrath of human greed or destruction anymore! With that in mind, I think I’d love to be any of the farm animals at Edgar’s Mission. They live a blissful life free from harm and worry. Otherwise, one of my chooks or dogs. They’re living the most pimped out life imaginable.

You follow a vegan diet, what do you find are the top three benefits from eating this way?
I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life and went entirely plant-based four years ago and have really reaped the benefits of doing so. Eating a well-balanced whole food, plant-based diet can have a multitude of benefits if it is done correctly and in a way that nourishes and nurtures your body.

For me personally, I’ve really noticed a difference in my energy levels and skin since eliminating dairy from my diet. I used to feel tired and ‘sluggish’ all the time and break out quite regularly and now I am full of energy and don’t have any issues with my skin. I never get sick anymore either. I feel great!

It’s also great peace of mind knowing that I won’t have any issues with cholesterol and everything else that comes with eating a diet based heavily around animal products, such as heart disease, certain cancers, Type 2 diabetes and other chronic health problems.

We aren’t meant to be sick and I believe that by following a plant-based diet I’m putting myself in the best possible position for my health. I think our food choices hold the most profound but overlooked influence on our health and wellbeing. Eating a well-balanced plant-based diet full of fruit and vegetables in my opinion is the key to good health.

For my last supper I would have…
A freshly made watermelon and lime crush accompanied by anything from the vegan degustation menu at Maha Restaurant. I’d then top it off with a raw dessert from Pana Chocolate. If it’s the last supper, I’m going out with a bang!

Go-to outfit for a day at the cricket?
You sit on your butt for hours on end at the cricket and it is always stinkin’ hot, so something comfortable and lightweight. My go-to outfit is vegan Stella McCartney flat sandals, a lightweight Country Road dress, Sticks & Sparrow hand crafted bamboo sunglasses, Freedom of Animals future ‘leather’ handbag, Dior watch and if I’m sitting outside, my Ralph Lauren panama hat (it’s the only one that fits my massive melon).

Top three handbag essentials
Water bottle, mobile phone and sunglasses.

You’ve worked in advertising and journalism, what’s the biggest lesson you learnt in the industry?
Grab any opportunity that comes your way, regardless of how small or out of your depth you may feel. And network. Always network.

Favourite way to spend your Sunday?
When my partner is home, it’s sleeping in, going out for breakfast and devouring a monster cold-pressed juice, enjoying the sunshine, taking the dogs to the beach and then pottering around at home, cooking and relaxing with absolutely nowhere to be.

  • Your hair is a gorgeous shade of blonde, who’s your colourist?
  • I always get asked who my hairdresser is. I’ve been going to Mikal Dunn who works out of Om Melbourne by Anne Smith in Toorak for about seven years and I can honestly say he is the best colourist going around and a blonde hair god. He is uber talented!