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Model/actor/TV presenter/lingerie and jewellery designer
The ultimate multi-hyphenate wonder woman, there are never enough hours in her day. An international cover girl and Logie Award nominee, Annalise is also a keen businesswoman, eco-friendly designer and speaks five languages. As well as all that, she’s a whiz in the kitchen and the driving force behind Love Lunch ( – an organic, vegetarian catering company. Each week she plans and prepares her menu, using seasonal produce to build recipes inspired by her extensive travels and childhood growing up on a biodynamic farm.

Annalise Braakensiek

Home is?
Bondi Beach, Sydney

What do you do?
I’m a serious slasher – model/actor/TV presenter/lingerie and jewellery designer/vegetarian cook.

You’re an expert in?
Seeing the positive in people. And overeating!

You’re passionate about?
Food, art, design, film, travel, animal rights and the list goes on!

What makes you happy?
Sunshine, my loved ones, a good boogie, cook-ups, walking my dog Girl, red wine, natters with my friends, snort laughs, a damn good hot yoga session…

You’ve got your fingers in many pies! What do you do in your downtime?
Lots of exercise – either yoga at Body Mind Life ( or pilates at Elixr health club (

What are your top five kitchen essentials?
Love, good knives and pots, purified water and fresh seasonal organic produce – with no worms! Haha!

Favourite cookbook?
I love any and all by Claudia Roden.

What’s always in your pantry?
My pantry resembles a health food store! I have an abundance of various legumes, rice, quinoa, kamut, Lakelands biodynamic olive oils, canned tomatoes, tamari, tahini, Massel vegan stock powder, herbs and spices (all lined up in their country of origin). You’ll always find miso paste, tofu and heaps of veggies in my fridge. Oh, and lemons. I drown everything in lemon juice and start every day with hot water and lemon.

What’s your yummiest Love Lunch recipe?
They’re all yummy but my lasagna and curries are always a hit. But then so is my low fat spanakopita and my roast veggie and quinoa salad with pine nuts!

What’s your favorite natural beauty brand?
O&M organic hair products are ah-ma-zing! As are Danne Montague King face products and facials. I also love Lucas Pawpaw ointment.

Your friends know you for your love of food, name some of your favourite chef’s…
I’m lucky as so many of my friends are incredible chefs! Bill Granger, Adam Lane from Sake and Adam Dundas-Taylor who owns a catering company … let’s just say cook-ups with my mates is always fun!

  • The media talk about your organic lifestyle. Who's your favourite provider of organic produce?
  • The Suveran on Oxford Street in Bondi Junction is the best and most affordable certified organic retailer. Go there and try the Turmcash, a tumeric nut spread - it's insane!