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Annie Crawford

Founder and Director of Can Too
Having lost her own father to bowel cancer at age 51, Can Too founder Annie Crawford knows firsthand the devastating impact that Cancer can have on an individual and their family. Annie decided to combine her passion for running and fitness with raising money for a non-profit organisation, and so, the idea for Can Too was born. Annie has since raised $13.5 million and trained 9,500 people. Her ideal of ‘giving something back’ extends beyond the Can Too community and Australia as Annie is also an Ambassador for Opportunity International and Afrikun Tikkun. With a long list of accolades (including being awarded with an AM Member of The Order of Australia, nominated for Australian of The Year 2010, 2012 and Telstra Business Woman of the Year three times), not to mention a Melbourne Marathon participant, Annie is a super impressive woman!

Name: Annie Crawford

What do you do? 

Leader of the Can Too Foundation, we run, swim, train, coach, raise money and motivate people!

Home is… Manly, NSW.

People don’t know that… I used to be so terrified of public speaking that I thought I would die.

Happiness to me is… going back to bed on a Sunday morning with the papers, a good back and my gorgeous husband, Simon beside me.

You’re participating in the Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival on Sunday 12th October. What’s your favourite café to refuel at after a run?

Bacino Raglan St Mosman

Morning routine?

Get up early, have a coffee, go for a run either alone or with friends, have coffee and breakfast , shower and get to work

You run 50km every week. What advice do you have for those wanting to fit more exercise into their busy schedules?

Get up early. You will feel so so much better if you exercise daily. Exercise just has to be a priority, it is just something you do, no excuses, no reasons why not- you just do it, like night follows day.

You’re a self-confessed running addict. What are your top three tips to avoid injury while training?

Strong Core, Do weights, Stretch and use the roller (yes 4 I know)

Can Too Run has raised $13.5 million for Cure Cancer Australia since it begun in 2005. What are your top two tips for others looking to raise money for charity?

- Look after people and the fundraising will look after itself
- Remember you are not fundraising for yourself – you are doing your bit to make the world a better place

What has been the most rewarding part of your Can Too Run journey?

Being part of a fun, inspiring group of people who have changed my life forever in really positive and unexpected ways. Knowing that despite the horror of the news there are amazing people in this world. Can Too and our people give me faith in humanity! There are so many positive and wonderful Australians that really are prepared to live, laugh , dig deep and  help change the world along the way as they run further, swim farther, clip on cleats quicker, support each other one more step  and raise soooooooooooooo much money for cancer research. Can Too has been life changing for me on multiple levels.

  • You're a dedicated runner, who's your masseuse who can ease marathon-muscle pain?
  • Sharma is fabulous because she always gets stuck into the bits that hurt and I come out feeling better than ever. She gives me and our Can Too-ers discount massages because we are running for a cause and she massaged hundreds of Can Too runners after our last event- for nothing!!