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Antony Simmons

Founder of Do Water
From the creative department of advertising agencies to founder of Do Water, Antony Simmons has always believed in solving problems with creative thinking. Antony has always loved a challenge, with his latest focusing on providing people with more positive and pure alternatives starting with Do Water, the first paper water bottle in Australia.

Name: Antony Simmons

Home is: Armadale, Victoria 

Fastidious about?

My nickname is…
Ant. But my wife likes to call me Tony because she knows I don’t like it, and now my daughter thinks it’s funny to call me Tony too. So it’s kind of growing on me.

What’s your party trick? Staying until the very end… or it used to be.

I like to escape to…be inspired.

My Biggest fear? would have to be being apart from my family for reasons I can’t control.

If you had to do just one thing, in one place for the rest of your life, what would it be and where? I would cook everyday for loved ones at my home in Melbourne.

You were a Senior Art Director in an advertising agency – what inspired your move to branch out on your own and how is life different now? I was inspired by my own personal frustration with buying countless plastic bottles. I simply thought we needed an alternative made from renewable resources and I knew this insight was true for many others as well. Life is no less challenging running my own business but the challenges are more rewarding.

What’s one thing you think you could do better?
Exercise patience.

Why did you choose to source your water for Do Water from Sardinia? Why is it so special?
We set out to bottle water in paper packs in Australia and unfortunately our country currently doesn’t have the capabilities to bottle water in 500ml packs. So we worked for a long time on sourcing the best way to bring paper packs to Australia because we were committed to helping reduce our reliance on plastic.

Our searches lead us to Sardinia, the only place in the world where artesian water can be bottled at the source in paper packs. The water remains untouched and unexposed to any elements from underneath the mountain until the day your open the pack and drink it. Sardinia is also one of the few National Geographic designated ‘Blue Zones’, which connect the purest environments, diets and lifestyles with the longest life expectancy.

We find most people are excited to finally have an alternative to plastic and while not many people realise that shipping has the lowest impact of all forms of transport, we still offset all of our transport related emissions through Carbon Neutral Australia. We’re getting a great response from retailers and consumers who are championing the brand because we solve a problem they have.

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