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Ashley Hart

Model and Yoga Teacher
Model, devout yogi and yoga teacher, Ashley Hart really is the epitome of beauty, inside and out. The sister of Aussie model Jess Hart and dual-winner of the genetic jackpot, Ashley is also a gorgeous soul who lives her life with a passion to be the healthiest and happiest person she can be. With wisdom and a sense of spiritual confidence beyond her years, Ashley chatted to Who’s Your? about health, love and happiness!

Ashley Hart

Home is…
LA, New York, Australia

What was the best meal you’ve ever had?
The best meal I’ve consumed is a Tuna Caprese salad in Sardinia, Italy. It’s so simple, yet you could literally taste every flavour of the tomatoes and basil like I’ve never experienced…everything is so fresh, straight from the farm/sea to the plate.

Favourite yoga pose?
My favourite yoga pose…well in each posture the purpose is complete presence and to feel a sense of balance, as my yoga practice has evolved from on the mat practice to also an off mat practice. My favourite pose is when I catch myself being fully in the moment at any point in life.

You attended the Wanderlust Festival in Sydney for Swisse, which is a celebration of yoga, music and wellness – what was a standout memory of your time there?
The whole Wanderlust experience was one I’ll remember forever, and a festival I will definitely continue attending. A moment that will stay with me forever was at the end of the three days everyone having the best, open, free, rocking dance ever. Looking over the Harbour from the island as the sun went down – it was truly liberating.

Being a model, you get to travel the world! Where is your favourite destination so far? Where is still on your ‘must-go’ list?
My favourite travel destination was just recently to Brazil. The culture, people, food, nature – it was truly beautiful. Japan is still on my bucket list though!

What does happiness mean to you?
Happiness to me is true freedom, to allow yourself to be fully in each moment without judgment – I guess like a full state of acceptance of the moment, everyone in it, what’s happening and with yourself. Not having any resistance in life allows our natural state of happiness to flow effortlessly

What does your daily beauty routine consist of?
My beauty regime is constantly changing, I’m always trying new things and looking out for the latest in health and beauty. Honestly, beauty really does come from within. Love and accept yourself and the sun will shine from your heart, and of course a few Swisse vitamins and beauty oils help radiate even more.

Green juice or fruit smoothie?
I love both, but generally most places add fruit to their smoothies so I’ll go the safe bet of a green juice (I only eat my fruit whole as I find that juicing them is too much sugar). But I make a killer smoothie at home.

Most treasured item?
My most treasured item is the invisible one.

How do you manage to balance working around the world with keeping close relationships with family and friends and having time for yourself?
I’m constantly reaching for balance and it’s not always easy on my body being on a plane travelling to a different country every week, but as far as my mind goes, my constant practice of meditation has really allowed me to feel grounded among the constant change and a sense of trust that everything is looked after. It’s sad leaving home some days or missing my friends/family in Australia but somehow the universe just looks after me, never letting me ever go too long without seeing them. I love having my solo time to reflect and dive deep into how I’m truly feeling, always checking in and getting a new perspective with the constant contrast of travel. Also I feel very grateful to recognise that I’m truly never alone, I love making connections with new people wherever I am.

  • You have amazing skin, who’s your facialist?
  • Fumi Yamamoto at Zen Facial in Bondi!