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Bannie Williams is a nutritionist and the founder of Melbourne based holistic consultancy, The Healthy Ingredient. After having completed studies in Health Sciences and Nutrition at University, Bannie’s nutrition education and hunger for healthy eating was the driving force for her to launch her own practice. The Healthy Ingredient offers a range of services to ensure clients achieve their desired nutritional goals, as well as a popular health food blog for recipes and healthy cooking inspiration. Bannie has also been a highly successful fashion model for over 6 years across Melbourne and Sydney, with career highlights including walking for Chanel and along side Miranda Kerr for David Jones.

Home is…
South Yarra, Victoria

What do you do?
Nutritionist, founder of The Healthy Ingredient and health food blogger

To get out the door I need..
My phone, organic paw paw cream and a big bottle of filtered water.

You post delicious dishes on Instagram and on your website. What are your favourite three recipes/dishes of all time and why?
Ooh, this is a tough one! I would have to say my raw vegan brownies  as a nutritious guilt free treat and my mango, banana and maca smoothie – It’s packed full of goodness and perfect for breakfast in Summer. Last but not least my spinach pie  as a wonderful vegetarian dinner option.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a holistic health nutritionist?
Seeing my clients achieve wonderful results through positive nutritional changes. Whether this is improved energy levels, weight loss or cleaning up their food intake, I always feel extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to assist them.

Favourite three snacks to pack in my handbag are….
Organic apples, dry roasted almonds and bananas.

What are five ‘key ingredients’ that everyone should have in their pantry?
1. A good quality olive oil for dressings and to cook with. I use Black Hill Olive Oil, which I buy wholesale, it’s Australian made and one of the most beautiful olive oils I’ve had.
2. Organic quinoa to add to dishes instead of pasta
3. Almonds (dry roasted) for a quick high protein snack
4. Cinnamon – to sprinkle over breakfast or to add to smoothies for extra flavour and nutrients
5. Organic rolled oats, a wonderful breakfast with preferred milk, or cooked into a porridge.

My weekly exercise routine consists of….
I run outdoors or do a cardio workout at the gym three to four times each week, and hot yoga at my favorite studio, One Hot Yoga at least twice a week.

Pilates or spinning? And why?
Pilates, I love the reformer beds! It’s great exercise for toning.

Melbourne or Sydney? And why?
Melbourne! I have been lucky enough to live in both Melbourne and Sydney and there is just no place like home. The food scene in Melbourne is next level and the coasts are divine. Although, I’ll give it to Sydney for having better weather.

Best piece of advice?
When it comes to your diet, keep it simple, balanced and nourishing. Ignore the trends.

What are your views on the gluten free movement that is taking the world by storm? Should we all go gluten free?
There is absolutely no reason to go gluten free unless you have been diagnosed with a gluten allergy such as coeliac’s disease, or a gluten intolerance. Many people are under the impression that gluten free is healthier or lower in carbs but this simply isn’t the case. There are always new trends coming into the health food scene and my advice is to ignore these trends and focus on a balanced, nourishing diet with as much variety as possible.

  • Two years ago you dyed your hair from light brown to light blonde and never looked back. Who’s Your colourist?
  • Marie is one of the most incredible colourists in Australia and has just opened her own salon in Melbourne. Although she is difficult to get into see, it is worth the wait.