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Bianca Cheah

Founder and Managing Director of
As founder and Managing Director of leading digital publication, Bianca Cheah is a glowing image of wellness, and one of Australia’s most stylish spokespersons for health and fitness. Her background in media, interior design and IT, lead to the creation of her now cult-followed website, leading the way in the luxury wellness space. has become a mini health empire, providing daily inspiration and practical advice to its rapidly growing audience. As if that isn’t enough, Bianca is also a successful businesswoman and Australian model, and has just been announced as the first ambassador for skincare brand Sukin. Bianca’s mission through everything she undertakes is to give women the information and inspiration they need to feel radiant, nourished and empowered.

Bianca Cheah

Home is…
Rushcutters Bay, NSW

What do you do?
I’m the founder of

What’s your go-to, ‘in a rush’ breakfast?
Chia Pods

We love reading Sporteluxe, the fitness, health and lifestyle website you founded back in 2012… What’s next for the site?
Well we are expanding overseas, are about to launch an app and the site will start to become a lot more interactive with the reader so Sporteluxe will be a one stop destination. You’ll see these changes slowly happen over the next six months.

What is your favourite song to work out to at the moment? (and why?)
Oh I love listening to classical piano when I workout. I seem to get in tune with my body and am able to close down and focus better.

Congratulations on being announced as skincare brand Sukin’s first ambassador! Why were you so excited to work with Sukin?
Thank you. It’s the perfect alignment. I’ve been using Sukin for over a year now, and love everything about the brand. Their ethos, how they’re eco-friendly and contain no harsh synthetic ingredients, plus their product packaging is recyclable. I also love how affordable and natural the product is. When they asked me in August this year to be their ambassador it was just the right alignment. I love the products and use them already so it was just so perfect.

What’s your favourite product from the Sukin range? (and why?)
The night replenishing moisturiser pot. I use this every night on my skin and shiatsu massage it in all over my face and neck. I swear by this every night.

What’s your favourite workout outfit? (and why? Brand/style etc.)
Well at the moment I’m loving Country Road’s latest active wear. The colours and styles are really spot on. The crimson sports bra is so comfy to wear during yoga and so are the grey cotton shorts. So flattering and easy to move in.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had? (where were you and why?)
Spaghetti Bolognese without the pasta and replaced with green beans is my ultimate. I make this or my mum cooks a mean one. Or a tuna salad with egg and lemon as dressing. They’re both just so tasty!

Your next dream holiday destination is… (and why?)
Bahamas or the Cook Islands. I’m a sucker for sun, white sand and crystal clear waters.

The best city for fitness is…?


Byron Bay

If I wasn’t doing what I do now I’d be…
An Interior Designer (I am qualified interior designer too).

  • We are inspired by your health and fitness regime. Who’s your personal trainer?
  • Kate Kendall from Flow Athletic (@activeyogi) is my yoga mentor and has shaped my yoga style. Try Kate Kendalls yoga classes. She can get you super toned and in shape!