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Owner of Eat Fit Food
We all need someone like Bianca Monley to keep us in check. Bianca’s gourmet home-delivered meal service, Eat Fit Food was borne of her passion for healthy living and organic food.

An expert in the area of well-being and weight loss, she works with nutritionists and chefs to plan customised eating programs for her clientele – from ‘Night Meals’ for investment bankers to a ‘Bride To Be’ detox regime.

Bianca Monley

Home is?
At the moment, it’s between Sydney and Melbourne.

What do you do?
Owner of Eat Fit Food
Busy work schedules and social commitments often lead to personal needs falling by the wayside, which is why we all need someone like Bianca Monley to keep us in check.

You’re an expert in…
Healthy food.

Who makes you laugh?
My best friend! No matter what kind of day I’ve had or what struggles I’m going through, she always manages to make me laugh.

What do you do to relax?
Either I hit the couch and watch a cooking show or read a cookbook or food magazine. I also learnt to meditate through Tim Brown ( a couple of years ago and it changed my life. I would highly recommend it to anyone to help reduce stress and sleep better. It also helps boost your energy so you need less sleep.

What’s your favourite travel destination?
I love Japan for its skiing, culture and incredible food. And Paris for its amazing style.

What kinds of things are you doing to lighten your eco-footprint?
I’m working to change all the Eat Fit Food packaging to a biodegradable alternative.

Any healthy living rules you stick by?
You should aim to have good wholesome healthy food, no alcohol and daily exercise for five out of seven days and then allow yourself the weekend to have a few drinks and treats. Remember good health is a lifestyle.

The media write about your love of healthy, fresh food, where do you look for inspiration?
Jamie Oliver makes cooking easy, fun and fresh. Love his garden in the country cottage where her chats about the produce and educates us about different ingredients and ways in which we can use them.
Locally I love what they do at The Healthy Chef in Avalon. They have great selection of the most amazing creative healthy dishes you never thought possible and a great beachside atmosphere.

  • Dr Euan McMillan - he's incredible and has a mich gentler approach than others I've been to. He was my lifesaver when I was going through a rough time.