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Bianca Riggio

Co-founder of Page Thirty Three
Bianca is the Co-founder of Page Thirty Three, an Australian based creative design company which creates functional artwork and objects. Drawing inspiration from nature, history and other art forms Page Thirty Three has a clear focus on Australian design and manufacturing with Bianca placing a high emphasis on hand crafting pieces at their Sydney studio using renewable materials. WY? caught up with Bianca to download her tips for living ethically and harmoniously.

Home is?
At the moment I live in a warehouse in Brookvale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

What do you do?
Along with my partner, I design and run our label Page Thirty Three.

What are you reading?
Cradle to Cradle by Michael Braungart & William McDonough

What are your favourite blogs to visit?
I tend to check out… Freunde von Freunden,  Yellowtrace, Minimalissimo and Dezeen on a daily basis.

What’s on your shopping list right now?

1. An organic 30+ SPF tinted moisturiser  – I’m thinking about buying Kora by Miranda Kerr
2. A Lexon clock radio – I love a good talk on Radio National and these come in lots of awesome colours.
3. An airline ticket – I am in need of some inspiration outside of my computer screen

What are your top five budget decorator tips?

1. The beauty of many interiors these days is that unfinished surfaces, materials and products are in vogue. Rip up old carpet and polish the concrete, or leave old brickwork exposed as a feature.
2. Refurbishing is the ace up my sleeve. Furniture is often made to look like something old so save your money, trawl local op shops and put a little bit of time into sanding back, reupholstering or repainting a piece.
3. Don’t skimp on the important stuff. There are a few things that are worth spending extra money on such as a good wooden table or a well-made rug.
4. Make your own artwork and frame things that have meaning to you such as a first note from a partner or drawing from a child. An interior should tell a story.
5. Don’t spend large sums of money on trend pieces. This seems obvious but we can all be sucked into it. I only drop the big bucks on classic pieces that won’t date.

How would you describe your own design philosophy?
We were recently featured in a book called Rethink by Amanda Talbot.  She labelled us as having an ‘optimistic design’ style which I quite like. We have a mind map of our design philosophy on a blackboard in our studio which goes into great detail but I will spare you the novel.

Where to go for eco-friendly advice and products?
Dezeen always has great information and interesting stories to get you on a tangent, start there.

What’s your latest healthy discovery?
The big green monster – A smoothie available at the Frenchs Forest Organic Food Market on Sundays. I don’t know the name of the stand but look for hessian table cloths and wooden crates filled with veggies…Delicious!

Where do you go to treat yourself?
I either go to Nicole at Aleisha Jane ( on Crown Street in Surry Hills to get my eyebrows shaped or I whittle my time away trying on clothes at Desodre’ on South Dowling Street.

You’re known for your health-conscious ways. Where do you go to shop for produce?
I stock up on bulk foods like muesli, grains and dried fruit at Candelo Bulk Wholefoods when I am down the coast. I find this a cheaper way to shop organic. For fresh produce I shop at the Organic Network – they also deliver which is great!

  • You’re a big fan of mediation. Who’s Your? meditation instructor…
  • I learnt transcendental meditation a couple of years ago from Garry Gorrow. I’m constantly asked by friends and family for his details.