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Carla McMillan and Georgia van Tiel

Co-founders of Bodypass
Carla is the yoga loving, healthy chef. Georgia is the experienced, educated gym junkie. They bonded over a love of fitness, healthy foods and crazy pants, to create the innovative exercise hub known as Bodypass. The duo offer their members the opportunity to customise their own unique program by accessing the most premium fitness and lifestyle studios across the country. With a strong social following, these powerful girls are taking on Australia, one work out at a time!

Carla McMillan and Georgia van Tiel

Home is…
North Bondi, Sydney NSW

What do you do?
We are the founders of Bodypass

Explain the Bodypass philosophy…
Challenging the conventional fitness mold, Bodypass gives members access to unlimited classes and outdoor activities. It’s a new fitness membership impassioning health and wellness enthusiasts all over the country.

We love the content on the Bodypass blog, how involved are you in this? Where do you draw your inspiration?
We wanted to create a homegrown platform for all things health and wellness that our community could read and action, meaning they could find a great article written by one of our studios owners or instructors and then go and take a class. Often we read international publications and Bodypass delivers rich content that is all local.

We have an amazing Editor Nedahl Stelio who curates and writes for our blog and a lot of our content comes from professionals we have met along the Bodypass journey who are nutritionist, psychologists, meditation gurus, exercise scientists and health enthusiasts.

Bodypass gives members access to hundreds of different fitness classes across Sydney – what kind of exercise do you think works best for your body?
Georgia: I love variety and as long as I am moving that’s all that really matters to me. A little competition is a great motivator for me. Bodypass has really opened my eyes to different ways of working out.
Carla: I love yoga and Pilates for my body and dancing for my soul. Anything that involves the ocean is always high on my list.

What is your favourite song to work out to at the moment?
Georgia: Diplo – Express yourself
Carla: Housing Corp – In the Club

What’s your favourite healthy, quick and easy meal to cook?
Georgia: Whatever Carla is cooking….hands down!
Carla: No pressure George…I love a good frittata with heaps of veggies, organic eggs and fresh herbs.

Best brand of work out gear?
Vie Active Wear – Really comfortable, functional (think no more hiking your pants up after every squat), and rad prints!

What’s your signature look outside of the gym?
Carla: Sorry what?! When do you mean…hehe
Black, White and Grey Marle…catch me in summer though and you can’t miss my amazing selection of beautiful wide leg, loose fitting, print palazzo pants.
Georgia: Eccentric in a nutshell. I love a good print and colour mash up any chance I get.

Every woman should own…
Georgia: 20 pairs of running shoes…I love them!
Carla: A sexy black dress.

Most overused phrase?
Georgia: What Carla said…
Carla: Bodypass

What’s on your bucket list?
Georgia: I love to travel. My husband and I have travelled so much over the last 12 years…I think the next adventure might be a safari in Africa.
Carla: It’s never ending so hard to nail this one down. I am a perpetual dreamer.

  • Without a business background, it must be difficult learning the ins and outs of creating your own company. Who’s your accountant to help keep your financials in check?
  • Christopher Jenkins – he is greatest accountant on planet earth!