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Founder and director of Schkinny Maninny
We all know that a few too many indulgences or late nights in the office can take their toll on our bodies, but thankfully, Catherine Craig, founder and owner of juice detox companySchkinny Maninny knows how to get stressed out systems back on track. As a health and fitness fanatic, Catherine created a range of home delivered, toxin-busting formulas designed to clear skin, brighten eyes and help with weight loss. Catherine gives Who’s Your? the inside scoop on how to maintain optimal health and wellbeing…

Home is?
Manly, NSW

What do you do?
I am the founder and director of Schkinny Maninny – a juice-cleanse program company with operations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

People are surprised to learn that I…
surf almost every day!

Annoying habit?
It takes me about 20 minutes to get ready for bed, I have lots of little rituals to go through before I hop into bed!

Favourite hour of the day? And why?
Between 5am and 6am when it is a quiet and serene, and full of the promise for the day ahead.

In addition to a regular detox, what are some other ways people can keep their health in optimal condition?
Maintaining a diet that is really rich in raw fruits and vegetables is the easiest way. I am not a person who believes in extreme diets or only eating certain things. I am not a vegan or vegetarian but I do believe that my nutritional intake each day does need to be mostly raw, whole and natural to maintain good skin, lean body and clean insides.  

Who are some of your favourite health-food experts?
Camilla Baker. I also love the cookbook Green Smoothie Revolution, by Victoria Boutenko – it has some fantastic green concoctions!

You radiate health. What’s your secret?
I love Shakti’s Superfood Blend - a green food blend of spirulina, chorella, sprouted grasses and other superfoods. It has become my daily staple – plus it’s Australian, organic and wild crafted.

What you can’t live without?

1. Green smoothies, each and every day
2. My surfboard
3. My running shoes – New Balance Barringer
4. Good Oil Hemp Seed Oil and Organic Argan Oil (for my face)
5. Sunshine


  • I have worked with a few nutritionists over the years - I usually design most of the recipes for Schkinny Maninny and then I collaborate with a nutritionist for feedback. Our Schkinny Maninny expert nutritionist at the moment is Karen Meier, nutritionist with FoodBodyMind.

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