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A blogger, stylist and veterinarian.
Veterinarian by day and blogger by night, Cecylia Kee loves fashion as much as the creatures she cares for. A scroll through her blog reveals a very chic life beyond the vet scrubs, where you’ll spy Cecylia’s off-duty looks while attending fashion parties and runway shows, and her covetable weekend wardrobe. Further proving the multi-talented Cecylia is not your average fashion blogger, she has turned her popular Armadale boutique into a successful online outlet and she also somehow finds time to style photo shoots for labels and magazines.

Home is?
Where my husband is … right now that’s Melbourne!

What do you do?
A blogger, stylist and veterinarian.

What’s your latest discovery?
Dumplings are the new sushi!

Who’s your favourite blogger?
Depends on the country – I have favourites from each city! 5 Inch & Up and Peony Lim from London; Blonde Salad and Eleonora Carisi from Italy, The Chic Muse, The Glamourai and That’s Chic from the States … the list goes on!

What are your five top must haves?

1. Mascara: especially Dior’s Diorshow. It makes me look awake in the morning.
2. My phone: a Samsung Nexus – it’s like my PA
3. My portable clothes steamer: I take it on shoots and holidays. It’s always the first thing I pack.
4. A good lippie: preferably one by Tom Ford
5 Tea: I drink almost a pot a day

How would you describe your personal style?
I’m notorious at amalgamating vintage and designer goodies! My style is elegant with a quirky edge, and (hopefully) effortless edge. 

What part of both of your jobs – blogger and veterinarian – is most rewarding?
One of the best things about being a vet is that you get to meet amazing clients and adorable pets – plus I get to bring my dogs to work.

Blogging can be a bit of a solitary pursuit, so it’s very rewarding to have strangers come up to you on the street telling you that they love your blog.

If someone wanted to buy a new puppy, what tips would you recommend?
Research and evaluate your lifestyle and environment. Do you live in an apartment or have a large backyard? Do you work from home or a 9-5 job? Do you want a family pet, a guard dog or a loyal companion? Do you have any allergies?

I never recommend anyone buys puppies from pet shops. Go to dogzonline.com.au if you want a pure bred (it’s where we got our dog, Theodore), or head to The Lost Dogs’ Home and RSPCA to give a puppy a second chance! And one last thing: Always find out how big your puppy is going to become before you commit…

When you want to indulge in cuisine from your childhood, who’s your chef of choice?
David’s in Prahran serves up the food I remember from my childhood in Shanghai, China (I lived there until I was 10). I also love their range of teas – they’re very healthy and uplifting. I also know the owner David Zhou and his daughter well!

David’s Restaurant
4 Cecil Place, Prahran VIC 3181
(03) 9529 5199

  • I recommend Hanrob (www.hanrob.com.au). It’s located next to Melbourne Airport, so you can say goodbye to your beloved pets just before you jet off, and they will be first ones you see when you return! I always tell my clients to speak to the owner, Tim Rickman.

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