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Owners of Kaya Health Clubs
After managing and operating one of the most popular health clubs in Sydney,
it made sense that best friends and now happily married couple, Christian and Koula, would build on their success and fill a void in Melbourne’s fitness market… Kaya Health Clubs in Prahran opened in 2012 and the hype behind this hot new pilates zone is the real deal. Who’s Your? chatted with Christian and Koula about everything and anything including fitness etiquette tips, successful business lessons, must-have items for a workout, dream lunch dates, Melbourne cafes and happy skin!

Home is?
South Yarra, Melbourne

What do you do?
We are both heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of our business Kaya Health Clubs and together lead, inspire and motivate.

Why should we work out at Kaya Health Clubs?
We want our members to feel like Kaya is a home away from home. We have created an environment that feels more like a premium hotel or day spa rather than a gym. Members have unlimited access to state-of-the-art weights and cardio training areas as well as authentic yoga and specialised pilates reformer classes. With more staff and class availability per week than any other club or studio in the area you won’t be disappointed.

Tell us your top three etiquette tips that you think everyone should abide by when visiting health clubs…
1. Don’t talk on your mobile when you are exercising – it’s YOU time and others around you also prefer not to listen to your conversation
2. Never be late to a class
3. Bring correct exercise attire – Towel, water, and proper footwear

What are the most important business lessons you’ve learned when setting up Kaya Health Clubs?
Never give up, persistence and there’s always a solution – it may not be what you wanted but there is always a way around it to get a similar if not the same result.

Success to us is…
Lots of things… from seeing Kaya full of energy and members during peak times, to watching classes in action! We also love seeing an amazing vibe and atmosphere throughout the club.
But more importantly, it’s seeing the difference we are making to so many lives. The feedback we receive is just amazing and we are so honored and humbled by the impact Kaya is making to them.

Five must-have items for a workout?…
1. Water: If your club doesn’t have bubblers or sell water, then buy some before you arrive.
2. The right shoes: For work we both wear Nike’s as they are very comfortable for an all day shoe, however to train Christian wears ASICS Kayano as they have more support and Koula wear either ASICS orSAUCONY
3. A good workout mat: At Kaya we supply all equipment required for a class but if you prefer to use your own than definitely invest in a yoga mat – Lululemon and Rebel Sport have a good selection of mats
4.  A sweat towel: Kaya hire towels out and most clubs/gyms should. Lululemon have a great microfiber towels that are lightweight and easy to carry and always great to place on your mat or reformer bed or just to have on the weights and cardio floor.
5. Music – If you are doing your own workout on weights and cardio machine than there is nothing better than having your own music to motivate you. We love old school house music, soul and beats that really motivate during our training. You will also hear a similar style of music throughout the club.

Tell us Christian…

Most overrated aspect of the fitness industry?
I believe shows such as The Biggest Loser are unrealistic and this style of training is too demanding and completely unsustainable.

Favourite Melbourne Café?
Definitely Two Birds One Stone located on Claremont St, South Yarra. It has amazing food and the service is so casual and efficient.

Tell us Koula…

Dream lunch date…
My perfect lunch date would definitely be a beautiful sunny day at an amazing restaurant near the water eating a seafood platter (lobster included of course J) and a bottle of wine…

Things that make my skin happy…
I have been for many years and still am, addicted to Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and their Renutriv Eye Cream - Love it!

  • John is a a true professional. His commitment and loyalty to his clients is second to none. He is passionate and an amazing business entrepreneur/ambassador for a non-for-profit charity called Angels Goals. We wouldn’t trust anyone else when it comes to recruiting.

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