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Christina Butcher

Blogger and social media consultant
Christina is The Hair behind Hair Romance, a world-renowned beauty blog that helps you love your best accessory, your hair. She met her husband and her hairdresser in the same street and that’s where her hair romance began. Christina is also the Director of Romance Media, consulting to brands and salons on social media and regularly speaks at international conferences about blogging.

Name: Christina Butcher

Home is?
Surry Hills, NSW

What do you do?
I’m the editor of three websites; Hair Romance, Nail Romance and Mr and Mrs Romance. I’ve authored two hairstyle e-books and I’m currently working on a new book project. I also consult with brands and small businesses in the beauty industry on campaigns and social media.

Hair heroine?

Would beg, borrow or steal for… Emmanuelle Alt’s wardrobe.

Favourite hair accessory?
Bobby pins! The styling options are infinite.

How do you decide the best haircut/style for your face/look?
Hair should reflect your personality. I say rules are meant to be broken! If you’re comfortable and confident you can pull off any style.

When choosing a new look, I recommend taking some photos to your hairdresser and having a consultation to find out how they can customise it to your hair. If you’re not sure what you like, make sure you tell your stylist what you don’t like so that that you don’t end up with a style you can’t stand.

You met your husband in the same street as your hairdresser…tell us, what was it about your hair that caught your husband’s eye?
It was hard to miss my bright pink hair! I was growing out my hair from a super short pixie and had dyed it pink and white to disguise the fact it was that in-between stage. He says he’d never seen hair like it and loved my short hair.

You run the oh-so popular blog, Hair Romance what inspires you to keep creating such fabulous content for your readers?
I can turn any conversation into hair so I never run out of topics to write about! I could talk about hair for years and I love seeing readers try my hairstyles. When I read a message from a reader who has started to love their hair it makes me so happy and that’s what inspires me.

Top five hair products you can’t live without and where to find them…?

Klorane Dry Shampoo is my dirty hair savior

- Original & Mineral Seven Day Miracle Treatment makes my hair feel like new again

- Unite “Boing” Curling Cream defines my curls and smells delicious 

- Osis Dust It Styling Powder for instant hair volume

- Coconut Oil – a fabulous natural treatment you can find in the supermarket or health food store


  • You're famous for your hair - who's your hair colourist?
  • I don’t remember my natural hair colour, and Stevie is the man I trust to look after my hair. He says he can do anything to hair if the quality is there.