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Collette Dinnigan

Fashion designer
For the fashion savvy, Collette Dinnigan needs no introduction. Her feminine, romantic designs of lingerie, kids wear, bridal gowns, lace dresses and stunning detailed evening wear have been lusted after for over 20 years. Launching with a dry-clean only lingerie range in 1990, Collette was then invited to show her new collection in Paris. Collette’s iconic designs have been seen on the world’s most beautiful women, and are treasured keepsakes of many a bride. Stepping down her main label and bridal designs to spend time with her young family, Collette Dinnigan’s success continues to still grow with diffusion lines in kids wear and women’s day wear, as well as stylish glasses.

Collette Dinnigan

Home is…
Paddington, NSW

What do you do?
Fashion designer.

Favourite time of the day and why?
The evening meal when we are all together as a family and relaxed.

I never leave the house without…
My phone and wallet.

Most unforgettable moment in your stellar fashion moment?
Meeting the Queen!

Favourite holiday destination for; romance? Timeout? Family friendly? And why?
I love Italy, particularly the Amalfi Coast. It has everything to offer; great food, warm summer, good swimming. It’s romantic and it feels as though time stands still.

Where was the best meal you’ve ever had and why was it a standout?
The river café in London. The food was excellent, as was the wine. The ambiance is relaxed, and it was a great combination.

Your new collection Collette Dinnigan for The Australian Ballet at Target is a little girl’s dream, full of sequins, tulle and bows. What is the first or most important fashion tip you gave your daughter?
Wear what makes you feel good! Lots of layers and craziness works, especially if you’re a kid.

How did you approach designing the Target collection differently from your other collections?
It wasn’t so serious – it was lots of fun actually!

Why did you decide to do the line?
I wanted to make beautiful girl’s ballet clothes at an affordable price, and also have it be widely available. Having a percentage of sales go back to the ballet and the Children’s Dance Program was also important.

What’s your favourite piece from the collection?
I particularly love the tutu with the sequins!

What does your daily beauty routine consist of?
Lemon and water when I wake, followed by bathing and cleasning with La Mer. I’ve been using it for years and can’t find anything that works as well. I’m done and off to work in 15 minutes!

What has motherhood taught you?
Motherhood has taught me to be organised and to cherish every minute you have to yourself – but most importantly, joy and unconditional love.

You’re so well known for your gorgeous wedding gown designs, what advice do you have for brides who may be overwhelmed with the decision to find the ‘perfect’ dress?
Wear what makes you feel confident and feminine. I think that as a bride, you don’t need to make a fashion statement… you need to feel beautiful. Your wedding dress should portray a style that suits you, whether that is classic, retro, or bohemian for example.

What’s next for brand Collette?
I am working on our exhibition (a major review of our collections) for the Powerhouse Museum.

  • Working for so long in fashion, you would have thrown many amazing events. Who’s your go-to event planner?
  • Ally Considine at Marilyn Grace Events. She’s very calm and easy to work with, and they have never failed to deliver at a fair price.