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Co-founder and Creative Director of Kookai
When Danielle Vagner and her partner, Robert Cromb, opened Australia’s first Kookai franchise in 1992, they had no idea where it would lead. Twenty years on, Kookai Australia has more than 30 stores and is known globally for its chic clean lines and beautiful everyday basics. As Kookai Australia’s co-owner, stylist and creative director, Danielle hsa the final word on the brand’s campaigns and runway shows, as well as each store’s striking visual merchandising. Who’s Your? asks Danielle for her key contacts, advice on fashion, styling, business and everything in-between.

Home is?
Toorak, Victoria

What do you do?
Co-founder and Creative Director of Kookai Australia and New Zealand.

Guilty pleasures…
French Champagne (especially Laurent Perrier), chocolate and espresso martinis.

How should one create their own personal style?
Don’t imitate, dress with confidence, be creative with colour, texture and vary silhouettes until you find what you like and feel comfortable in. Fashion should be fun – it’s about dressing up and playing different roles. I have always said that a woman should wear the clothes, not the clothes wear the woman!

What is one fashion trend you wish would go away?
Definitely the old adage that everything needs to match in colour or texture. The fun part of styling up an outfit is that there are no rules – it’s about the power of layering textured fabrics together and having more than one hero colour in an outfit. Have fun with pop colours, print knits and take chances by adding a twist to an outfit.

What’s planned for Kookai for the next decade?
To continually grow and evolve. We have several new boutiques opening throughout Australia and we hope to increase our manufacturing capabilities to add more variety to our already expanding product and fabric lines.

You must travel frequently for work. What do you always bring with you?
When it comes to travelling, I love the Luxe City guides. I always pick one up when I am embarking on a new adventure. They are pocket-sized with loads of the latest places to see and things to do.

Any insider tips for overseas travel?
On my last trip to Paris, I discovered these new electric cars you can rent hourly for a day. I was so excited. It made shopping and the constant aggravation of carrying around bags a dream. No more taxis or sore feet – plus there are specific hot spots you are allowed to park in so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of finding a park!

My must-haves…
- My children and family
- Travel and the adventure of discovering new and exciting places
- iPhone and camera
- Coffee
- Accessories (especially shoes and bags)


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