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Dannii Minogue

Singer, TV personality
Dannii Minogue is a household Australian name, having been a mainstay in pop-culture across TV, radio, screen, stage, hosting, judging and more for 31 years. A proud mum to her little boy Ethan, Dannii is also a designer for Target, creating a Petites range for women with similar body shapes to her own. Outside the world of showbiz and fashion, Dannii continues her charity work as ‘Ambassador for Young People’ with the Terrance Higgins Trust; the UK’s leading HIV and AIDS charity.

Dannii Minogue

Home is…  
Sydney, NSW

How do you define luxury?
Items that are well made and last, not only a long time, but last beyond fashion trends.

The one thing you wish was healthier than it is?
My back – I definitely don’t stretch enough, especially after lifting my four-year-old son; he weighs 21kgs!

How do you keep holistically healthy? Body, Mind and Spirit?
I try not to stress – I realise there are things that really chill me out, like cooking, walking and swimming. I love cooking my own food, so I know exactly what is in it – I love eating healthy food. Getting out into nature really helps my spirit. I love the 1,000 steps Kokoda Walk in the Dandenong Ranges National Park – it is a physical challenge and I love the fresh air and listening to the sounds of the birds.

What are some of your ‘stay-sane in a busy-world’ tricks?
I feel that we expect ourselves to do so much these days and multi-tasking is a constant. I really love concentrating on one thing at a time and doing it really well – that gives me great pleasure.

Do you have a favourite workout or type of exercise?
I love walking on the beach or through a forest. I take the stairs as much as I can – they are great for shaping the legs and keeping the heart rate up. My favourite gym class is BodyBalance and I do the Tania Zaetta Program from my iPad or laptop when I want short achievable work outs that really work.

What three essential products can’t you live without? And why?
My vitamins, my Ergoflex mattress and bath salts. My vitamins sometimes help kick start my day. I always sleep better when I am at home on my own mattress – no back pain. Bath Salts help my muscles wind down after long days on shoots – concrete floors, high heels and long days always make for aching muscles.

Your Dannii Minogue for Target Petites range now includes shoes – what is the most important aspect of a pair of shoes to you?
I love shoes – in fact I have too many! I am losing space to store them. I love heels with great height for when I am getting dressed up, and I have learned to love flat shoes since having a baby – I can now embrace the sneaker in my wardrobe that is not just for working out at the gym.

Who is your style icon and how have they influenced your Petites range for Target?
My style icons have always been Elizabeth Taylor and Sofia Loren. I love how they embraced their curves, and that has given me great confidence in my curvy body. My current style icons are Olivia Palermo and Kate Hudson – not curvy but oh so cool. I also love Victoria Beckham’s designs.

What style secrets do you have for ladies with petite body types?
Try to elongate your body by wearing one colour top to toe, or using vertical lines to draw the eye up to your face. I love high heels that add some more height, but having clothes that fit your body will make you look taller too.

You’re healthy and fabulous, so tell us…Who’s Your? go-to crew for health and well-being?

Pilates? I use the Tania Zaetta Program to work out from wherever I am.

Nutritionalist/Personal Chef? I love to cook for myself. I received a cookbook from an inspiring single mum, Sophie Guidolin, called Eat Clean Live Lean. It has great healthy quick recipes for a mum like me who is always busy.

  • Your job can be stressful at times, who’s your massage therapist who helps you unwind your body?
  • Radley Spring at Spring Wellness – he is a health coach, trainer and masseur. His motto is, "Sustainable healthy through balance". He does massage and teaches you how to take care of your body through stretching.