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Elle Aram and Emily Pinniger

Founders of Kini Swimwear
Kini founders, Em and Elle, have never understood why it has to be so hard to find the perfect bikini. Functionality, flattery and style – is that really too much to ask for? Upon returning home from what they swore would be their last futile shopping expedition, the duo had a thought…Imagine a website that allowed its customers to design and buy their own, customised piece of swimwear. Unable to find such a service that wouldn’t cost a fortune, they decided to launch their own, and in 2010 Kini Swimwear was born.

Elle Aram and Emily Pinniger

Home is…
St. Kilda and Prahran, Melbourne

What do you do?
Elle is the Strategist / Editor-in-chief / CEO and Finance head of Kini Swimwear, while Emily is the Stylist / Operations / Public Relations and Customer Service.

How did you meet each other?

Elle: On the dance floor of our local Uni pub, probably on a student night. Em had outrageously fashion forward pointy white shoes on.

Favourite beach in the world and why?

Em and Elle: I think collectively, it’s North Cottesloe Beach in WA – it’s our home break and the beach of our childhood, so we are pretty sentimental about this stretch of white sand, its clear blue water and the crisp taste of the Indian Ocean.

Your signature swimsuit look is…

Elle: Less is more? So it usually an itsy bitsy, teeny-weeny tiny for me, I tend to opt for a Slide Triangle and a Skinny bottom in a really vibrant seasonal print to give that classic bikini style an update.

Emily: I’m a classic pear; smaller on top than the bottom. I like to go for either our 1950s underwire top (great for girls with very little bust) and a fuller brief like the basic or retro for reliable coverage. This summer however, I will be rocking our new racer top, out in November!

You founded Kini Swimwear together, what advice do you have for friends wanting to go into business together?

Elle: Respect each other’s differences and appreciate that it’s the difference that will make your business bigger, bolder and better.

Emily: Have a very clear idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are and allow the other person to bloom in what they do well. Elle and I have a successful working relationship because we are good a very different things, which means we have most bases covered. You also need to have regular open and honest conversations with each other so that you can deal with issue before they get out of hand. It’s a bit like a marriage!

What inspired you to start Kini Swimwear?

Elle: I could never find exactly the right bikini, it was always a compromise in cut, colour, style, and I thought it would just be easier to just take the parts I love and leave the rest, when I found that no one was doing it I thought to myself “If I have this problem, surely other women face the same issues too?” So I thought, why not make a website that would solve that problem.
Emily: Elle came to me with the idea almost 4 years ago, because of my background in fashion. I have always been involved with the fashion industry and was intrigued by the concept of design your own, having suffered the same issues trying to find a swimsuit I liked!

Favourite holiday destination and why?

Elle: Santorini – There is something very magical about the energy and light there. Perched on the caldera and surrounded by water, it’s at its most beautiful in the perfect stillness of the early morning.
Emily: Paris and Florence. Both amazing cities but for completely different reasons. Florence – for the culture, history and food! Paris – for its romance, chic hideaway holes in the wall bars… And the shopping!

Biggest fashion splurge?

Elle: A white Valentino dinner suit. It’s the perfect balance of sophisticate femininity with a masculine twist.
Emily: The Chloe Paddington Lock Bag.

Melbourne is famous for its love of coffee and brunch. Where is your favourite place for both?

Elle: The Auction Rooms – North Melbourne
Emily: Tall Timber – right around the corner from my house, the coffee is amaze and the food is even better. But get there early…

What’s in your beach bag?

Elle: Besides a whole ton of sand? My iPhone with a full play list, a big bottle of water, and my Moleskin notebook for when inspiration strikes!
Emily: SUNCREAM! I’m very fair so this is an essential. My towel, a hat and a copy of the Renegade Collective for some poolside reading.

Who would you most like to see wearing a Kini piece and why?

Elle: Scarlett Johannsson – Girl Crush!
Emily: Nicole Richie – She’s been a style icon of mine for a while, and I love the way she pulls outfits together; the epitome of effortless chic!

  • Good posture is a common tip for looking your best in a bikini – who’s your chiropractor?
  • The guys at Peak Potential are the ones that help me stay on top of my game and get the most out of myself. Having a naturopath, chiropractor and myotherapist in my corner makes a huge difference to my energy levels and general sense of wellbeing.