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Emily Abay

Fashion Photographer
Shooting since she was in her teens, Emily is well known for her determination, technical ability and easy-going attitude. Having come from an analogue background, Emily's work is marked by precision and attention to detail. Whether it’s high fashion, commercial advertising or simply just capturing the morning light, every photo reflects her heart and soul.Emily’s portfolio includes clients such as Bonds, Myer, Forever New, Kookai and Thurley. Her work has also been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Marie Claire.

Emily Abay

Home is…
Caulfield North, Melbourne Victoria

What do you do?
I’m a photographer who specialises in commercial and editorial Fashion.

Your mum was also a photographer, so you’ve grown up in the industry. When did you know that this is what you wanted to do with your life?
I knew when I was 18 and I realised that I wasn’t particularly strong in any other subject at school. Nothing ever took my interest like photography did.

Who would be your absolute dream client to shoot for?
I would actually love to see my photos with a David Jones logo on it. I remember as a kid going there with my mum and thinking how luxurious it was. I think it would make her proud to be able to take her there and show her my images all over the walls.

What is the most exotic location you’ve been for a photo shoot?
Probably Indonesia. We shot in this amazing villa on the side of a cliff, where there were no windows and if you rolled out of bed the wrong way you would end up on your neighbour’s roof. The views were spectacular!

What are you top 3 favourite apps?
VSCO, Invoice2go and Instagram – all essential for my business!

Guilty pleasure?
Bagels with peanut butter!

When you’re lacking inspiration what do you do to get re-inspired?
I usually just look on Instagram; there are so many beautiful images from around the world, that’s an easy way of getting inspired again.

Things that make me cringe… 
when my husband leaves the toilet seat up!

What talent would you most like to have?
I’d love to know how to apply make up. I watch my make up artists all the time and I find it amazing what they do to transform people.

Favourite way to exercise?
I do a lot of weightlifting. I find it’s the best way to tone and sculpt my body and burn calories. Also, my job is very physical so I need to stay strong!

What is your favourite time of the day?
Definitely the morning! As soon as I’m half way through my morning yawn my puppy is already bouncing around on my bed greeting me for the day. It’s very cute!

When I’m not taking photos, you’ll find me…
in my sister’s backyard with a bowl of olives and glass of rose!

  • We’ve heard your shoots are some of the best catered – who’s your caterer?
  • Definitely Urban Entertaining is the BEST catering company you’ll ever come across – we always book Kimberley for photoshoots! Unbelievable freshness, quality and consistency of great food!