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Emma Clapham

Emma Clapham is one busy lady. As a press and magazine contributing journalist, blogger at interiors and lifestyle site ‘Who Loves That’ plus consulting in marketing, Emma is happy to have a few different hats in her designer bag. Bookmarked in style-savvy women’s Favourites, Who Loves That concentrates on delivering a lifestyle that is achievable for everyone, from easy DIY projects, recipes, styling tips, event styling and an online store coming soon.

Emma Clapham

Home is..
80% Geelong 10% Melbourne 10% in my car

What do you do?
Every week is different for me and that’s how I like it. I work in marketing and consultation a few days a week at Paul Kelly Design to Print in Geelong and the rest of the week I am either working on a DIY project for the GT Magazine or working on Who Loves That.

Skincare hero?
Air Repair Kit from MiniBarCo.

What’s your pet hate?
Bad table manners.

Favourite hour of the day and why?
9p – it’s usually an hour before I go to sleep and I just chill in bed and look through Pinterest or read a book.

You have beautiful images on Instagram, what’s your favourite filter?
Thank you, I use camera+ which is a camera app and it has loads of different filters.

Favourite three online haunts for home wares and interiors?
Hunt and Bow
Samantha Robinson
Bride and Wolfe

Most loved household item and where you bought it?
My Sticks Coffee Table from Fenton and Fenton

Top five blogs that we should be following and why?

The Design Files – It’s my go-to and so professional, it’s truly like reading a magazine online and so up to date on the latest in everything! Lucy is very inspirational to me.

Camille Styles – I’m obsessed with Camille Styles, lots of DIY and recipe inspiration and she does great edits from other bloggers.

Design Sponge – The Design Sponge is a big operation and similar to the previous two, very professional and covers everything, I particular like their Before and After features.

Chronicles of Nadia – Nadia is a good friend of mine, and my fashion go to girl.

The Style Co.  – The Style Co’s event styling is second to none, I love getting swept up into a dream when I look through all of their photos from the events they have styled. Truly talented ladies!

What’s your philosophy when it comes to decorating?
I think it’s always important to show your personality or the personalities that live in your home through your decorating, really take the time to understand what you want out of each room. For example, do you want it to be warm, inviting and cozy? Or do you want it to modern, crisp and styled to perfection?

Also, I always try and resist buying expensive home wares just because they are on trend, you can always follow the trends with less expensive pieces that are easy to replace, like cushions, and then spend more money on statement furniture pieces that will never go out of fashion or that you know you truly love, for example your dining room table.

In what ways would you like to see your career evolve?
I would love to collaborate with more brands and other like-minded businesses in terms of DIY projects. We’re also really excited about our online shop for achievable and affordable interiors, as well as potentially holding more workshops.

Favourite DIY on Who Loves That to date…and why?
That’s a tough one, maybe our recent plastic toy animal bookends. It’s hard to believe they were once plastic animal toys.  Or the paint dripped potsas they are colourful on trend – our readers loved them. 

Is the DIY movement more about keeping costs down, creating unique pieces, both or something else?
I really think it is both. For me I started doing it as a hobby and to create something unique for my home on weekends. It is also satisfying making something yourself, I find it a very rewarding process. DIY is definitely for costs as well, it’s a great money saver for presents and up-cycling old furniture is the best money saver.

Pick one word you’d be fine never using again:

  • Fleur did the flowers for my sisters wedding and is truly amazing at her job, everyone always asks who did the flowers at my sisters wedding and every time I need to send flowers or get flowers in Melbourne for an event I don’t look past her.