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Emma Markezic

Co-Founder of TheEDIT, comedian and writer
There’s more to funny girl Emma Markezic than you might think. Sure, she’s performed stand-up at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Sydney Comedy Festival, and she starred in the SBS series Comedy School. But Emma’s also an accomplished freelance writer, with her by-line regularly appearing in Cosmopolitan and Shop Til You Drop. Now - with tongue firmly planted in chic - she’s putting her spin on everything from fashion to current affairs as the pop culture editor of theEDIT.com.au.

Home is…?

What do you do?
I’m a writer, author, columnist and comedian.

You’re an expert in…
Fashion, comedy and relationships… and the relationship between comedy and fashion.

Tell us a bit about TheEDIT?
I founded theEDIT with two other ex-mag editors, Alex Thompson and Eliza Ashe. It’s an online hub for all the amazing fashion and lifestyle tidbits we come across in our line of work. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, which makes it the perfect procrastination tool – learn something, get a giggle, it’s all good!

You also dabble in the art of funny. How did that all begin?
An old, dear friend badgered me until I tried it. It was akin to a dare but stand-up is addictive… now it weaves its way into my writing, whether it’s script work or a column or the pages of a book.

What are some of your favourite great live comedy venues?
The Comedy Store in Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter is my number one comedy venue but if you want a really grassroots, drinking-with-the-comics-at-the-bar-afterwards type deal head to The Four In Hand in Glebe on any given Thursday night.

What five items MUST be in your handbag at all times?

•          Moleskine diary – the red leather cover is just so grown-up and organized

•          Super kicky lippy – instant pick me up

•          My specs – I’m as blind as a naked mole rat

•          Wide-tooth comb – my hair is a bird’s nest without it

•          Vintage sunnies – especially if wearing flats, they make me feel cooler!

Who’s Your favourite brands for….

•        Jeans: Sussan. Seriously, they have so much stretch you could do yoga in them.

•        Underwear:  Elle Macpherson for upstairs and Calvin Klein for downstairs.

•        Watch: I’m craving a vintage Hermes but I also adore a Nixon or three.

•        Handbag: Prada. Because they’re worth it.

•        Shoes: Asos – I tend to trash my shoes so this way I can get all my on-trend kicks for a song.

•        Make-up: SKII Facial Treatment Essence for skin, MAC foundation and eyebrow products for an ace base. I’m at the pointy end of youth I’m getting right into my beauty regime.

Describe your style? Do you have any secret styling weapons?
If it were a ratio, it would be 60% vintage, 20% high street, 15% designer and 5% things that probably weren’t actually designed to be worn.

And do you have any style rules?
I won’t date a man who wears skinnier jeans than me. Who can live with that sort of pressure?

Tips for creating a chic outfit from pre-loved items are…
Avoid polyester, no matter how amazing the print. Not only is it sweaty, it sometimes stiffens over time so you won’t get the most flattering silhouette. If it’s a ballsy item, like a dress of jacket, go easy on the accessories. But really, vintage should be fun – channel your inner five-year-old, the one who loves wandering around in a tutu and cowboy boots and doesn’t give a hoot about what anyone thinks of her. She’s got the right idea.



  • You are known for your amazing vintage collection. Who’s your go-to recycled stores?
  • "I love a great fun vintage find, and I love C's Flashback - with three locations in Sydney!"