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Founder of Barre Body
Founder of Barre Body and Urban Remedy Cleanse, Emma practices what she preaches and positively glows with good health. This super healthy mum-of-one is a font of knowledge on all things health and wellbeing. She knows the secret to staying motivated to exercise all year round, where to track down the best chai and knows the very best organic grocers around town.

Home is…?
Spring Street, Melbourne. Just up the road from the Barre Body studio

What do you do?
Founder of Barre Body

You’re an expert in…
I am a yoga and barre teacher, as well as a health and lifestyle coach. I’m the founder of Urban Remedy Cleanse and Barre Body (I’ve been busy!). I am a mother too, but by no means an expert at that!

What are your top three health rules to live by?
1. Eat foods as close to their natural and unadulterated state as possible 
2. Live in balance and avoid extremes
3. Exercise daily when you are well – even if it’s just for 5 minutes

How do you stay fit? Any secrets to maximising a workout (in less time)?
I stay very fit by teaching Barre Body classes each week. It’s perfect – I get to teach and exercise at the same time. My secret to maximising a workout in less time is to multi-task. Try to work multiple parts of the body at the one time if you can. In Barre Body we often combine arm work with leg work for a double-whammy. I also recommend doing a shorter practice when you are pressed for time – it’s better to do 10 minutes than nothing at all.

Can you explain Barre Body classes – how do they differ to your typical gym class?
Barre Body is inspired by yoga, pilates and ballet barre conditioning. It’s much closer to yoga or ballet than it is to a gym class and our focus is very much on toning the body in a graceful and fun way. The idea is to work all of the supportive muscles to create a long, lean and defined body. The combination of toning, flexibility and interval training creates a very complete total body workout in a boutique yoga studio setting.

Other than your own studio, where else do you enjoy exercising, and why?
I don’t have a lot of time to be honest, between teaching, managing the studio and looking after my little one, Xavier. I do lots of walking and when I can,I do a yoga class at Union Yoga in South Melbourne or do my ashtanga self-practice on my building’s roof-top.

You’ve made a career out of juices so spill, what’s your juicer of choice and why?
Another great question! I definitely recommend a cold press juicer rather than a commercial juicer. A commercial juicer creates too much heat, loses nutrients and oxidises the juice very quickly. My pick would be an Oscar 900 or a Greenpower Hiprocrates juicer. These produce beautiful, nutrient-dense juices with a much longer shelf life (days rather than hours).

What are your fave health/fitness websites, and why?
I love gaimtv for online yoga classes, fitsygar for fitness news and trends, lululemon (who have recently launched an Australian site) for yoga gear and their blog, and my absolute fave would be bodyandsoul for all things related to health and wellbeing.

What principles do you follow when it comes to eating well?
I completely agree with author Michael Pollan, who sums it up beautifully in seven words. “Eat Food. Mostly Plants. Not too much.” By food, he means real food, as close to its natural state as possible.

What is your go-to snack to fuel yourself through long workouts?
My choc bliss balls for sure! Nutrient-dense and packed with healthy fat and protein for sustained energy.

You are known for your healthy lifestyle and passion for fitness, so who’s your favourite local health food store?
I shop mostly at the South Melbourne markets for fresh and local produce. I make most things from scratch so all I need are the raw ingredients, which they have in abundance there.

What about cafes? Any you can recommend that serve a delish, healthy feed?
Yes! My three favourites of the moment are:

1. Vegie Bar on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
2. Tofu Shop on Bridge Road (TO. DIE. FOR.), Richmond
3. The Organic Food and Wine Store on Degraves Street, Melbourne CBD

  • Johanna Clark and Karina Farmers from Johanna Clark Naturopathy (right next door to my studio). They are wonderful. They really care, they don’t try to prescribe a million supplements, and they have a focus on women’s health.