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Following an amazing career as an international model for more than 10 years, Erika has used her extensive experience in the fashion industry to carve a dynamic career for herself within the entertainment industry. The breadth of Erika’s roles include television presenter (Body & Soul, Hothouse, Australia’s Next Top Model, It Takes Two), actor (L.A. Noire, Gabriel), recording artist (debut album Sweeter Side EMI), and now theatrical performer playing Brooke Wyndham in Legally Blonde.

Home is?
Collaroy, NSW

What do you do?
Entertainer. I am currently performing six days a week at the Princess Theatre, Melbourne in the role of Brooke Wyndham in the musical Legally Blonde. It is a very physical role; singing, dancing and jumping rope for the two and a half hour shows, with two shows a day on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We do a physical and vocal warm up every day to stay “show fit”.

The style rules I live by…
I don’t really have any style rules. Other than don’t live (shop) beyond your means!  I think colour is the cure all for any fashion famine or drama. A colour like red or bright orange makes a statement about your energy as well as your style. People tend to admire energy and presence more readily than an outfit! I do like to buy all the magazines for inspiration, photograph what I like, then pull what I have from my existing wardrobe and renovate it before hitting the shops and spending excessively. I like to invest in classics (timepieces, denim, coats, shoes and bags) and I usually beg, borrow and steal when it comes to red carpet occasions. I like the new sports luxe look because it combines elements of modern cuts, in active wear shapes in luxurious fabrics.

Can’t live without…
Movies are my ultimate escape. I love disappearing into another world for two hours. A visual journey neatly assisted by popcorn and ice cream. Music and exercise are my other two elixirs in life.

My favourite places to shop…
I love Five Ways in Paddington so I can get a fast fix from all my favourite Australian designers such as Scanlan & Theodore, Willow, Sass & Bide, Camilla & Marc and Kirrily Johnston.  Online I could buy out the complete site – I love athletic wear and it’s perfect for my lifestyle.

Great escape…
Hawaii…Only a quick plane ride away, reasonably priced airline tickets, great waterfront surf shacks or luxurious houses for rent, blue sea filled with friendly turtles, magnificent sunsets, perfect waves for surfing and paddle boarding, great Mexican food, fantastic burgers & shopping and palm trees for lazy hammock time.

My beauty routine…
I try to get a monthly priori peel and Omnilux facial. I cleanse, scrub, moisturise and treat daily with the Priori Idebenone range and I can’t live without a year round faux Vani-T tan.

The new Clarisonic brush is a great gadget to really get rid of any makeup residue. I adore AVEDA body products and oils. Everything is a gorgeous sensory experience with so many infused essential oils and natural ingredients.

Lots of water, vitamins, exercise and juices also do the good work beneath the surface.

In my pantry you will find…
- A thousand different vitamins. Antioxidants, olive leaf, powdered C, vital greens, probiotic – I’m something of a supplement connoisseur.
- Protein powders, peanut flour, coconut oil, chia seeds as well as nuts, oats, legumes.
- Fresh fruit and veggies for juicing, and organic meat in the fridge.
- Hot chocolate and loads of herbal teas too.
- I love trying new products and regularly swap recipes with other people in the cast of the show. The current snack favourites are egg white puffs made in muffin tins with spinach, pumpkin, mushrooms and ham. And cookies made with cacao, coconut & protein powder. have two great products – reds and cacao that are fabulous for adding flavour and nutrients to your diet.

My exercise mantra…
Variety is the spice. I like to try all the new trends in exercise and force my body (as well as my brain) to be challenged in new ways. The skipping rope is my mistress. It’s the simplest cardio & interval training.

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