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TV presenter
Having appeared on Cybershack, Video Hits and The Voice, TV host Faustina Agolley is a familiar to most but there’s a lot more to her than work. When she’s not chatting with Alicia Keys, Rihanna or Dave Grohl, Faustina is using her celebrity for good, contributing to causes such as Coastcare, Reconciliation Australia and the Cancer Council.

Home is?
Where the love is!

What do you do?
I’m a TV presenter. Sometimes producer. I worked as the V Room Presenter on Channel Nine’s The Voice and was previously co-host of Video Hits on Network Ten. I also run Media Talks – a media careers panel with Australia’s broadcasters, journalists, producers and social media experts. Check it out here:www.faustinaagolley.com/mediatalks.

You have had many successes, but what’s your greatest?
Thank you. That’s really kind. Greatest achievement so far…it’s a personal one. I think I’ve been through my Saturn’s Return and I’ve survived, on sooo many levels. *sigh*

How did you get started as a presenter?
I studied Media and Communications, Geography and Media Studies (TV and Radio Production) across Melbourne Uni, RMIT and Sydney University. While studying, I did heaps of work experience for shows like Hi-5, The Great Outdoors and Channel [V], and worked on a breakfast radio show for Syn FM and did crosses on the weekends for Nova. I auditioned to be a co-host on a summer program on the [V] Network, didn’t get it but got guest jobs instead, that lead to a guest spots on Wild on Channel 7, which led to Cybershack and then to Video Hits. The aim was to get work as a presenter before I graduated from my degrees. Success!

What it’s been like to work on The Voice?
Working on The Voice was a lot of fun. First time for many things – it was the most regular live gig I worked on, had a larger production team (and by that, I mean by hundreds more), a live audience and so on. It was very different to interviewing a musician in a hotel room or interviewing backstage at a music festival!

Where do you check out up-and-coming talent? 


You’ve interviewed many celebrities, musicians and artists – any stand out favourites?
Alicia Keys – a real talent and real woman. She’s in the business for the right reasons and beyond creating great music and pop lyrics she uses her power and influence for causes like Keep A Child Alive.

You also dabble on the decks! Tell us your soundtrack for…

A lazy day at home: Ella Fitzgerald – especially Stormy Weather for the Melbourne winter. I also love Bill Evans. Jazz, baby, jazz …

Singing in the shower: Best Things In Life Are Free – Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross. Boom!

Getting ready to go out: Love On Top – Beyonce … does it every time

A roadtrip: The Rolling Stone’s Top 500 tracks of all time. The best mix of rock soul and pop ever.

You’re heavily involved in various charities. Can you tell us a bit about them?
I support the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation. I learnt only one in five children in remote Indigenous communities can only read and write at the minimum standard, I was appalled that a country that has been so abundant in opportunity for me (especially in education) didn’t give the same opportunity to others. Just $5 can provide basic learning materials for an indigenous child in a remote community, $80 can provide a literacy pack filled with books and reading resources. You can donate here www.wallofhands.com.au.

You’re known for your health and eco conscious ways. Tell us about your favourite eco saviour?
Swiss Energize, it’s a sticker you put on a mobile that’s been engineered to release a healthy eco pulse so you don’t suffer the effects of radiation. I notice my ear doesn’t burn on the phone when I use it. There’s also a product you can put in your home that covers a 200m radius. Swiss Energize, available at mijeco.

  • If I decide to get my hair braided, I go to Fatou’s Hair Architect opposite the Enmore Theatre but you can only get your hair braided by Fatou! Afro’s are hard to maintain, I only really learned how to take care of my afro when I lived in New York at the end of last year. Finger comb, leave in conditioner and light blow dry is all I use now to keep my hair intact.