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Georgia Foster

Clinical Hypnotist and Founder of Drink Less Mind
Georgia Foster is an Australian clinical hypnotherapist, author, speaker and alcohol control specialist. Georgia founded the Drink Less Mind program after struggling with her own dependence on alcohol to cope with uncomfortable or social situations. Using the power of inner dialogue psychology, Georgia’s method trains the mind to cut back drinking, allowing a free and more moderate relationship with the social crux of our times – alcohol!

Name: Georgia Foster

Home is… London, UK

What do you do? I am a clinical hypnotherapist, author, speaker and mother of triplet babies I help people change their unsupportive thinking to healthier thought patterns, in particular in relationship to alcohol reduction, anxiety, finding love and fertility issues.

Can’t leave the house without…. Photos of my triplet baby boys.

Favourite hour of the day and why?
5.30pm when my partner Ian comes home and we have an hour together before the babies go to bed.

You’re originally a Melbourne girl who is now based in London, what do you miss from home the most and why?
I speak to my mother every single day because she is my best friend. I miss my dad infinitely because he, like a lot of men doesn’t like talking on the phone.  This upsets me because when we are together we talk a lot! I miss the big sky and the sound of the trams near my family home. Most importantly I miss the smell and sounds of a really hot summers day.

Your signature look is… hair up in a ponytail because my sons keep pulling my hair!

Favourite beauty product?
People always comment on my mascara.  I actually have bizarrely long lashes so I have to be careful what I use because it often ends up half way down my cheeks.  I have tried so many brands on friend’s advice but remain faithful to Lancome Definicils.

You’re the creator of the Drink Less Mind Program, what inspired you to originally look more closely at your own drinking habits? 
All that I specialise in comes from personal experience.  In my past I used alcohol to hide social anxiety, low self-esteem and shyness.  I realised that most people are shy too and alcohol was a way to suppress these insecurities, so I felt once I had dealt with this myself, I was the best person to help others with this issue too. 

Australia and the UK are known to have social drinking cultures, why do you think this has increased in young women?
I think culturally it is much more acceptable now for women to drink a lot personally and professionally.  Women don’t have the same constitution as men but are drinking like men and this is causing problems for women emotionally and physically.  I agree in equality but in this instance it doesn’t work. I know it is cliché but the work life balance is tricky, I believe in particular for women.  Many women are natural nurturers and pleasers and that means they leave little time for themselves and often drinking too much is a way to escape and de-stress.

Favourite holiday destination and why? 
The Greek Islands.  I absolutely love the beaches, the food and the laid back, humble attitude.

What are the biggest misconceptions about hypnotism?
Many people believe that they will be out of control, however hypnosis is a natural state we all enter and in order to go to sleep at night we need to go through the hypnotic state.  You cannot sleep without drifting into the brain wave of hypnosis first.  So when anyone says to me that they can’t possibly be hypnotized I say to them ‘You must be very tired!’

Another one is that the person being hypnotized will not be in control, on the contrary your mind is in a more intuitive state during this time. Anything that is inappropriate will not be accepted.

Many people assume hypnosis is about going back into the past, which is true, but the most effective way of moving on is to let go of the past.  Most people’s problems are because they live in the past and hypnosis is, to my knowledge, the most effective way of doing this.

Favourite places in London to:

Shop? Chiswick High Road and Selfridges Department Store

Eat? The Wolseley in Piccadilly and my friend Katharine’s home cooking.

Pamper yourself?
I have a friend Anna Dimitrov, she is the beauty therapist to A-grade celebs (hence why I can’t mention them by name).  She comes to my home to give me reflexology and regular massages.

  • When you want to take time out for yourself to refocus, who’s your yoga teacher?
  • Virginia Alexandra is my wonderful yoga guru, because she is the most inspiring and intuitive Kundalini Yoga Teacher in the world. She has helped so many people in Melbourne where she lives and when she is in London she helps many of my clients too. They love her!