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Georgie White

Founder of Ocean Soul Retreat
Growing up on a farm and fostering a love of horse riding, Georgie has always enjoyed an adventurous life outdoors. At 19-years-old Georgie spent two years travelling overseas, which ignited her love of travel. During her twenties—spurred by an allergic reaction that resulted in a visit to the emergency room— Georgie started exploring ways to cleanse and detox her system. After setting out on a journey of self-discovery all over the world, Georgie took part in a Bali surf retreat in 2011 and found the experience so rewarding she stayed for three months, surfing and practicing yoga daily. After this reenergising period, Georgie spent the following year living and working in Bali before launching Ocean Soul Retreat, which is holding its first retreat in April 2015.

Home is…
New York City

What do you do?
I’m the founder of Ocean Soul Retreat, a Bali-based wellness retreat designed to help women relax, find inner balance and learn new skills. The first retreat kicks off in April this year.

Pilates or yoga?
Yoga – I love it for the connection it brings to the mind, body and soul through breath work.  Also, the yogic philosophy and principles and how it teaches you how to conduct yourself in life, on and off the mat.

You’re the founder of Ocean Soul Retreat, a retreat in Bali that aims to heal and rebalance through surf and yoga. Why is surfing such an integral part of your retreat packages?
We are aiming to heal and rebalance through holistic therapies, nutrition, surfing and yoga.  The surfing element provides women with an opportunity to try a sport that they may not of had the chance to or may have been intimidated to try.  Learning to surf gives them a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment and many women overcome fears and develop a deeper trust within.  By putting themselves out of their comfort zones, many women have personal breakthroughs, and what they learn in the surf about themselves often translates into their daily lives.

Why do you think health and wellness holidays are increasingly popular?
People are looking for a deeper connection to themselves and for their lives.  We are constantly connected through the Internet and social media and that leads us to live distracted lives and not in the present moment.  People are searching for ways to get back to themselves and the general awareness of health and wellbeing today is far greater than what it has been.

You’re currently based in New York – what led to your move there and what do you love most about living there?
I moved to New York to experience what its like to live in one of the most thriving cities in the world.  Living in New York helps me to understand the needs of the busy women looking for the escape to reconnect with themselves.

I love the diversity in New York and that it allows for everyone to be able to find their own element, no matter what that may be.

Ocean Soul gives 5% of its profits to local charity R.O.L.E – why did you select this charity and was a charity element always a part of your business plan?
When I met with Mike O’Leary he talked me through his progression of starting R.O.L.E. and to where it is today.  What started as a focus on the environment in Bali, quickly transpired into the development of breaking the poverty cycle and educating women, as these factors are so heavily intertwined.  Mike has been chipping away and making a difference and is heading up a cause that is full of heart and sincerity.  The more help he can get, the more he can help others and make a difference to the lives of those in Indonesia.

What are your ‘must-do’s’ when back home in Melbourne?
When I go back to Melbourne, I love to catch up with my family, spend time at the farm and go horse riding with my dad.  Then I catch up with my friends and we check out the new restaurants.

Best piece of advice you’ve received?
Whatever you do, give it 100%.

Best place in New York for:
Coffee? Bluestone Lane
Fitness? Equinox 

Best place in Bali for:
Spa treatment?
Amo Spa
Personal driver? Gede! Gede is one of the 5 male balinese names, so you meet so many Gede’s when In Bali.  The Gede that I like to work with is amazing! He doesn’t have a website – but here is number + 62 813 3839 2669
Healthy lunch? Watercress

Ocean Soul Retreat is offering guests who book three months in advance a $200 discount. 

  • As the founder of a wellbeing retreat, it’s important that you’re balanced, so tell us…who’s your healer when you’re in need of personal realignment?
  • Elisa Senese! Elisa is a phenomenal healer and has the ability to take you through a healing session that leaves you feeling clearer and more connected. She is extremely talented and everyone who has a session with her is extremely blown away.