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Irene Falcone

Founder of Nourished Life
Irene has spent the past two years successfully building Australia’s favourite toxin-free store, becoming an authoritative voice in the industry for both beauty editors and consumers alike. A loyal beauty devotee with over 10 years experience in the industry, Irene was not always an organic advocate. The turning-point came when she discovered that her favourite products were loaded with toxins that were damaging her health, hormone levels and were the reason she was becoming increasingly lethargic and ill. Irene then made it her mission to seek out the safest, most effective and affordable alternatives and share this knowledge with others. Taking her expertise a step further, 2014 saw Irene join the official advisory board of Global GreenTag, the ACCC approved National Certification Mark program and one of Australia’s leading Eco labels.

Irene Falcone

Home is…
Frenches Forest, NSW

What do you do?
Owner and founder of online natural beauty and lifestyle store, Nourished Life.

Your last meal would be…

What are you currently reading?
The Strategy By Max McKeown…it’s a hard read but incredibly informative and interesting.

You founded Nourished Life, an online store for toxic-free living including skincare, makeup, hair care, kids, and more – what is your favourite part of your job and why?
Helping Aussie women find truly natural beauty products that work! Because when I ‘quit toxins’ it was so hard to find (and afford!) great natural alternatives so I get a lot of satisfaction when women and families thank me for doing the homework for them and putting all these awesome products in the one place. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be hard!

What was the catalyst for making the change for an organic lifestyle?
Through my time in the media and advertising industry, I was and still am a total makeup addict. For years I overloaded my body with toxins from mainstream makeup and skincare, processed foods and long hours until it all finally caught up with me and I began feeling the physical side effects to the point where I was just not able to function properly.  That’s what prompted me to start thinking about what I put in and on my body so I threw away every product in my home that I couldn’t understand the labels of and began researching natural toxin-free alternatives. 

Your most cherished item is… (and why)
My Mac laptop because it allows me to work and talk to my customers anytime, anywhere. My second most cherished item is my Nespresso!

What do you see for the future of organic products in Australia?
The industry is definitely shifting. I do see natural and organic products becoming the ‘norm’ but I do hope to see the regulations around organic products become a lot stricter and more uniform, at the moment anyone can put any chemicals in a bottle and call it ‘natural’ or ‘pure’!

You’re a busy mum of four children – how important is educating them about organics to you? How do you manage a work/family life balance?
For me it’s less about education but more about leading by example. I do teach my children about natural products and living a healthy lifestyle but I feel like they learn more by watching me and simply living the lifestyle. In terms of a work/life family balance, I’m still working on this! One of my New Year’s resolutions was to make more time for my family. 

What’s on your ‘bucket list’?
To go to Italy (where my heritage is) and learn to speak Italian!

What advice do you have for people wanting to make the switch to organic but who may be confused by the many different labels and claims on the market?
My top 3 tips would be:

1. Don’t get overwhelmed by how many products you need to switch – as something runs out, simply replace it with a natural alternative

2. Always read the label closely – Whenever buying beauty products always look for the words 100% Natural, ‘Certified natural’, ‘Made with organic ingredients’ or Certified Organic. The industry is still quite unregulated and companies often talk about their products being soft, gentle or even ecofriendly or natural, which can be very misleading for consumers.

3. Do your research and ask the experts on all the incredible natural ingredients and products out there before you buy and find what is best suited to your skin type and age to ensure you don’t waste any money and get the best results!


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