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Ivy Arellano and Loan Tran

Co-Founders of Hunter Rose
Co-Founders (and pajama lovers) Ivy Arellano & Loan Tran wanted to make sleepwear that was ridiculously comfy, but fabulously stylish at the same time. If you are tired of the pink and frilly, or just like being in your comfies all day... If you want to look effortlessly cute when that someone special is around or just can’t be bothered changing to get the milk... If you are any of these or all of the above, Hunter-Rose has your back!

Ivy Arellano and Loan Tran

Home is…
Perth, Australia.

What do you do?
We run Hunter-Rose – a women’s sleepwear label.

Favourite café in Perth? (and why?)
I: It’s ever changing because Perth always has really cool Café’s popping up, but at the moment it’ll have to be Bib & Tucker in Fremantle. There is consistently great food and coffee and you can’t beat the view overlooking the beach. Freo always has a cool vibe about it so even visiting the suburbs is always a treat!

L: Tropico North Beach – It’s in such a lovely location, the food and juices are always fresh and delish. They have such a great variety and their cronuts always look YUM.

Describe each other in a few words…
I: Oh I could go on for days about Loan! But my favourite thing is that Loan is she is the kindness soul you will ever meet.

L: Ultimate Dream GirlCreative, Smart, Witty and Hilarious.

I can’t go a day without…
I: Coffee!! I’m scarily dysfunctional without it, it’s sad really!

L: Water – I know it’s a bit boring but I carry a water bottle with me everywhere.

What inspired to you start your sleepwear label Hunter-Rose? Who’s the ‘Hunter-Rose girl’?
I: As avid sleep and sleepwear lovers we struggled to find a middle ground between comfy and oh-Lordy-if-your-mama-saw-you-in-that-you-will-never-date-again sexy. We wanted to create a brand that gives women a fashionable alternative to their pyjamas for no other reason than to feel beautiful. Our Hunter-Rose girl is a nocturnal creature and the leader of her wolf pack. She’s forward in style, a risk taker in action and cheeky in personality.

L: Oh Ivy has said it perfectly. It was also was opportunity to do build something for ourselves and be our own boss. We are both creatives inside and are obsessed with style and design.

What has been the biggest challenge since starting your own business? Do you have any advice for other budding entrepreneurs?
I: I think finance is always a concern for us and every other entrepreneur. You could have the biggest and greatest ideas, but without the right funding it’s hard to translate a dream into the perfect product or service. The best advice for entrepreneurs in this position is to persist and get creative. Instead of quitting, look at other alternatives; what skills can you use and can you utilise your current contacts? Things won’t always go to plan, but if the alternative to working that little bit harder is giving up on your passion, then the choice is simple.

L: The ability to go with flow, Ivy and I are really easy going and love to do spontaneous things but at the same time when you are running at business you also have a timeline. Finding balance and being okay with it when things don’t happen the way you want. One of my favorite quotes is, ‘Don’t let failures go to your heart and success go to your head’. Do not give up through challenges and to stay humble all the time.  Also, do not be complacent and settle, there is always room for growth. Lots of research doesn’t hurt either.

What about your offering do you credit to the label’s success?
I: I think staying true to ourselves and our brand’s vision is a driving force behind our success. We’ve learnt that everyone has an opinion on everything from what pyjamas we should make to how we should market our business, and sometimes we question if our way is the right way. From this we have realised our customers follow our brand because our aesthetic and personality appeals to them, so trusting ourselves and our decisions has really helped us communicate with our niche.

L: The personality of Hunter-Rose as a fun cheeky brand shines through everything we do from our designs, social media to our customer service. It has set the foundation for Hunter-Rose. Our brand and personality is different and bends the rules that I think has appeals to people. Not being afraid of going outside the norm.

Social media has played a huge role in your success, and we hear you have integrated Snapchat into your digital marketing plan! Tell us about the impact of social media and how you see Snapchat fitting in to your marketing?
I: I have been preaching to anyone who will listen that Snapchat is the next Instagram and now we are starting to see the stats to prove it. It’s such a great tool to show our customers what we do on a daily basis. While Instagram will show you the final product of our latest campaign shoot, Snapchat will take you behind the scenes to meet the team, experience what it’s like on set and connect more with the brand. We’ve been using Snapchat as a “backstage pass” to the Hunter-Rose brand and lifestyle and our market is really responding to it.

L: We wouldn’t have the exposure without social media. Our vision is to be internationally known and social media has given us the opportunity to ensure customers in different countries have the access to our brand on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Thing about Snapchat is that is more raw and fun and I think that’s its appeal. You can have fun with and not taken it too seriously. You get to follow the journey from photoshoots, to us packing order and taking it to the post. It shows that fashion is not all glitz and glam.

Who (living or dead) would you most like to see in bed with Hunter-Rose sleepwear?
I: My mum. If she were still here with us I know she’d be so proud of what Loan and I have built. She’d be our biggest fan – Hunter-Rose all day, every day!

L: Queen B- Beyoncé – we love her for so many reasons. She’s someone that has it all but you can tell how grateful and hardworking she is. Also, her killer bod would look great in any Hunter-Rose piece.

On the weekends you’ll find me…
I: At brunch! I’m always on food dates with friends and family over the weekend, but a lazy breakfast is always my fave. If I take you out to brunch, it’s true love!

L: Anywhere with family or friends, I love seeing my cheeky two year old nephew who I’m actually obsessed with. In summer you would find me on the beach on the weekends.

  • With an eye for style, who’s your favourite interior stylist?
  • Chloe’s eye for detail is unlike no other; I trust her with every project and know that the outcome will be beautiful. Chloe’s kind heart makes no job too big or too small. She is a talented interior designer with such a beautiful relaxed sophisticated style