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Jaharn Giles

Travel writer and photographer
Jaharn Giles is a travel writer and photographer. Her career includes a two-year stint with the Virgin Australia cabin crew team, which gave her an invaluable insight into the travel industry, whilst studying public relations at university. Following this she found herself working in London for two years as a travel fixated fashion publicist. In a bid to see as much of Europe in 730 days, her crusade saw her travel to many cities and beach side towns. Now residing in Sydney, Jaharn is a freelance travel writer and can be found planning her next adventure, taking photos and writing her latest travel story on her blog, Mister Weekender.

Jaharn Giles

Home is…
Clovelly, Sydney, Australia

Signature look?
Minimalist. I can always be found wearing black, navy, white and grey with a bright lipstick, such as red.

What are your airplane essentials?
Laptop, notebook, ear plugs, eye mask and a bottle of water

You run the beautifully visual travel blog Mister Weekender, what inspired you to start blogging your travels?
When I was studying full time at university, I worked for Virgin Australia in the Cabin Crew team for two years. I’ve always had a sense of adventure and love doing many things at once. Following this I moved to London for two years, which allowed me to travel around Europe extensively. After returning home to Australia and often having family and friends asking me for travel advice, I soon realised how valuable and rewarding it was to share my travel experiences and knowledge, and thought – why not create a travel website full of tips, advice and destinations for everyone to be a part of. 

How do you keep up your fitness routine while travelling?
I love pilates on the reformer, swimming and boxing. I am lucky to stay at some beautiful hotels that have great gyms.

Most overlooked (yet fantastic) travel destination in Australia?
Tasmania! It’s absolutely stunning. I am currently saving to buy land and build a cabin in the Australian wildnerness – first the South Coast of NSW, then Tasmania, New Zealand and Sweden. Aim high right! I’ll be listing the cabins on Airbnb so other likeminded travellers can enjoy the cabin experience. You can follow my cabin adventures here: http://www.misterweekender.com/category/how-to-build-a-cabin/ 

Tips for getting an upgrade on our next flight?
Staring longingly at the First Class and Business Class line at check-in is something we’ve all been guilty of. Wouldn’t it be nice! My top tips, however not completely foolproof, for getting an upgrade on your next flight are:

Arrive early:
Your flight may only have one or two upgrade places available, so maximise your chances of securing an upgrade by getting to check-in a little earlier.

Dress up: 

Leave the board shorts, torn singlet and double pluggers at home and dress as though you’ve been in either a very important meeting or you are about to fly to a exotic destination which requires a nice outfit. It will help!

Travel at quiet times: 

You are less likely to get an upgrade during busy times of the year. Requesting an upgrade during the Christmas holidays and the Easter long weekend for example will only fall on deaf ears.

You can read the rest of my tips here.

What’s your favourite travel destination in the Southern Hemisphere? Northern Hemisphere?
Discovering Ile des Pins was like adventuring through Pandora. It’s native pine trees, shimmering water and sweeping ocean vistas completely blew my mind. Its easy to understand when you have a look at my photos here.

As for Berlin, its a city dripping in its tumultuous history and as I am a WWII buff, Berlin completely fascinates me.

How do you stay fashionable while travelling light? What are your secret packing tips?
I always stick with the same colour palette, which is pretty easy for me – black, white, navy and grey.  

Favourite memory from an overseas trip?
Discovering Ile des Pines in New Caledonia – it’s by far the prettiest natural swimming pool I’ve ever seen and heli skiing at The Remarkables in New Zealand.

Your hero beauty product is…
I don’t wear a lot of makeup, usually just a hint of foundation with a splash of mascara and a little bit of blush. However for a more natural “rushing to the airport” look, I prefer to use Nars Illuminator to give my skin a dewy, fresh, uncomplicated look.

Where is your next adventure?
I’ve just come back from New Zealand and Bali, but will be venturing back to New Zealand in the coming weeks and South America!





  • Travelling can be tiring business! Who’s your favourite overseas masseuse?
  • Bodyworks is right in the heart of Seminyak, so after a long massage, pedi and mani, which won't break the bank, you can head to Motel Mexicola or Sea Circus for margaritas and tacos.