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Jasmine Lindsay

Co-founder of Jasmine & Will Sleepwear
In 2009 Jasmine Lindsay and her aunt Kaye Williams discussed a gap in the Australian market for stylish sleepwear. Discussions turned to products and “Jasmine and Will” was created. Before she turned to stylish sleepwear, Jasmine had a law degree and was working in investment banking – an unlikely lead! Jasmine & Will’s focus is timeless and elegant sleepwear with a playful sensibility. At Jasmine and Will, they say “live in style, sleep in style”.
No longer a small-scale project, Jasmine and Will is stocked throughout stores in Australia and internationally via an online store and social media channels. In 2015, Jasmine & Will launched their bespoke monogram service, perfect for a personalised gift or special occasion.

Jasmine Lindsay

Home is…
Sydney, NSW

What do you do?
I create classic sleepwear with bespoke monogramming

Best book you have ever read and why?
My most recent favorite is “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg the COO of Facebook. A provocative, frank and inspiring read about the obstacles facing women on the path to leadership.

You started stylish sleepwear label Jasmine and Will with your Aunt in 2009 – how has the business evolved since then and what lessons have you learnt?
As a brand we’ve “grown-up”. Our designs were brighter and flirtier back in 2009 versus the classic aesthetic of our brand today.

The other big change was the shift from “project” to full time career.  Until this year we both had demanding corporate jobs, juggling Jasmine and Will on the side, which meant sacrifices for the business.  Now, with the business having our full attention we’ve been able to grow our retail presence and online offering which includes the newly launched bespoke monogram service.

What’s the best thing about creating your own job, and if any, the worst?
Accountability. It is both rewarding and daunting to be accountable for the success of a business.

What do you sleep in?
Mainly pyjama samples – someone has to road test!

Your signature scent?
A musky spicy Tom Ford scent called Oud Wood. I love that it smells borrowed from the boys. I stumbled across it when restocking my other favorite Tom Ford scent, Black Orchid.

Who would you most love to see sleeping in Jasmine and Will?
Aerin Lauder, her effortless style really resonates with me.

Running your own business must mean it’s hard to switch off… what do you do to unwind and create balance?
Make a new playlist, throw on my runners and hit the pavement –that’s my sanity.

If you could trade lives with anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
Victoria Beckham so that I can wake up next to David.

Celebrity wardrobe you most lust after?
I’m a denim jeans and white t-shirt kind of girl.  Lauren Hutton, Ali MacGraw, and Jane Birkin are all women I admire for their effortless style and iconic beauty.

What’s next for Jasmine and Will?
We are continuing to expand our monogram collection and next year, we’ll complement this with the introduction of some monogrammed lifestyle products. Each decision we make adds to the general idea that the brand is a lifestyle – “live in style, sleep in style” as we like to say.

  • As a creator of stylish sleepwear, you must have an equally stylish bedroom. Who’s your go-to for fabulous interiors?
  • Cotton Love Hom in Woollahra has an amazing selection of chic European interiors and soft furnishings.