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Co-owners of Mara & Mine.
Mara & Mine is a unique, fashion forward shoe collection created by Jasmine Yarbrough and Tamie Ingham, two young, talented Australians based in Los Angeles. Mara & Mine launched in the US with their Fall/Winter 2013 collection, and their “Jem Skull Slippers” have been adorned by models and tastemakers including Cara Delevigne, Chanel Iman, Kourtney Kardashian and actress Julianne Hough…to name a few. The collections are comfortable and flattering with a sense of humour and playfulness infused into the designs.

Jasmine Yarbrough and Tamie Ingham

Home is…
Jasmine and Tamie: Los Angeles, California

What do you do?
We are the Co-owners of Mara & Mine.

‘Mara & Mine’ is a combination of creativity and wearability. What other brands/items do you like to pair with your unique shoes?
Jasmine: I have a few favourite pairings but my top two would be leather shorts and white tee from Rag & Bone or high waisted jeans from Cheap Monday with my long sleeve cropped top from Alexander Wang with a black blazer.
Tamie: My go to outfit with my Jem Skull slippers would be my J Brand leather pants, Alexander Wang t-shirt and Balmain blazer. I also love to collect handbags to wear with my Mara & Mine shoes. Celine would be my favourite brand at the moment for handbags but I also love a Chanel Boy bag.

As two Australia’s living in L.A. Where are your favourite hot spots for:

Coffee? Kings Road Café
Organic Brekky? Joans on 3rd
Mani/Pedi? Marie Nails in Melrose

Coffee? The best Coffee in LA is from Alfreds Coffee & Kitchen on Melrose Place, West Hollywood
Organic Brekky? It’s not organic but I love going to The Beverly Hills Hotel diner for Breakfast
Place to dine? The Eveleigh is the absolute best dinner spot!
Mani/Pedi? Eden Sassoon

Getting around in L.A can be a nightmare. What’s the best way to tackle travel
Jasmine: Always try and make appointments in the middle of the day so you miss the traffic and if you do happen t be stuck in LA traffic, blast the radio and sing!
Tamie: For a night out Uber is the best thing that has happened to LA! Otherwise we drive everywhere with a good playlist on.

What was the biggest adjustment you had to make when you moved to L.A?
Jasmine: Being away from family and friends.
Tamie: Driving on the wrong side of the road.

Favourite place to shop?
Jasmine: Reformation. I always find something to buy here!
Tamie: I love to shop at Curve LA, Barneys, Isabel Marant and Opening Ceremony

What do you miss most about living in Australia?
Jasmine: The beach
Tamie: Delicious coffee, beaches and my family and friends.

Have you had any celebrity sightings while living in L.A?
Jasmine: Yes, we see them everyday. The biggest celeb I saw was Oprah having dinner opposite us at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
Tamie: Living in LA you can spot a celeb weekly however my best sighting would have to be Jay Z at Gjelina Café.

Tell us how the name ‘Mara & Mine’ came to fruition?
It’s the second part of our first names. Ta’mara and Jas’mine.

You come from opposite ends of fashion. (Modelling and Styling) What is it like working together with two different fashion backgrounds?
Jasmine: It has been great. Although our backgrounds are different it has proven to be a superior asset to the business. We have been able to bring a lot of different experiences to benefit our company.
Tamie: You can never have too much knowledge no matter what industry you’re in so coming from opposite ends of the fashion industry was helpful when defining our product.

*For additional contacts from Jasmine and Tamie head to the Who’s Your address book. 

  • Jasmine, we hear you have an expert hair colourist? So tell us Who’s Your? hair colouring queen?
  • The salon Sarah works at has a decadent setting. She is one of the cutest hairdressers and is an absolute genius in colouring hair.