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Jason Grant

Creative Director, Stylist and Author
With a career spanning over 10 years Super Stylist Mr Jason Grant’s work has appeared in many top Australian and International magazines including Inside Out, Sunday Style, Belle, Vogue Living, Australian House and Garden, Real Living and more. Jason also styles for brands big and small including David Jones, West Elm, Country Road, Sheridan, Freedom Australia. An author of two books with another due out in late 2016, Jason is a quintessentially Australian designer - laid back, relaxed and ‘real’.

Jason Grant

Home is…
Bondi/where you make it

What do you do?
Creative director, stylist and author

What can’t you leave the house without?
Sunglasses, iPhone, wallet and often our Boston Terrier Sophia (note: I can often leave the house without shoes)

Your last meal on earth would be…
Hmmm my favourite pick me a meal is a really good burger with a with a great cocktail or Margarita – if ever I feel like a holiday but cant’ have one this simple meal gives me a good feeling, sometimes it’s about the simple things!

Your style has been described as quintessentially Australian. Do you agree? What makes this so?
100% I guess my style is relaxed, light and easy with out being too obvious. I do love the outdoor be it bush or beach.

What is your number one styling tip?
Don’t rush – there is no hurry, take time to find your style and develop your confidence your home is always a work in progress

What was your last ‘Eureka’ moment?
Working on my debut collection for MJG by Mr Jason Grant I worked hard to be true to my style, I think you should always play to your strengths. I’m so glad I decided to work this way as the feedback from retailers, friends and media is that the collection is very ‘me’.

We love your City Guides on MrJasonGrant.com. What’s your favourite city in the world and why?
Besides Bondi, it’s a tough call between Paris and LA however I really did love a few days in Austin Texas last year. They have the coolest street (South Congress) filled with places to eat, shop, stay, drink and more – possibly the coolest street I have seen for some time.

What was your dream job as a kid and why?
I think growing up I wanted to be a vet – I love nature and animals but math and science were not my forte.

What would you spend your last $50 on?
A swim at Icebergs pool with change for two cocktails.

Who would be your ultimate client to design for?
Myself! I’m currently dreaming of building a house.

  • Digital detoxes are important in this modern life – who’s your go-to for guidance on unwinding?
  • Time away from technology is a good thing – I have times where I do go offline – I had this reinforced by my friends at The Broad Place I also meditate (ideally twice) daily and I love to get into the ocean to wash away the day.