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Jaye Raykos

General Manager, KFit
Jaye has always lived with an unbalanced addiction to coffee, chaos, change and discovering new ways of doing what she loves, anywhere. She’s spent the better half of the past decade immersed in the e-commerce landscape with the intent to drive activity to local bricks and mortar businesses. Jaye’s committed to adding balance to the chaos of her world in her role at General Manager at new fitness concept, KFit.

Jaye Raykos

Home is…
Melbourne, but I have excellent carry on baggage!

What do you do?
I am the General Manager for KFit.

What’s the best exercise class you’ve ever done and why?
Tara Simich’s KONGA from her program The Jungle Body. It’s totally unique and I’ve never had so much fun working out. It’s a full-body, dance-style work out – and it’s just awesome! She’s got so much energy, its infectious.

KFit gives members access to hundreds of fitness classes through a monthly membership – easily viewed and booked via an app. What sets KFit apart from other fitness subscription models?
Across Australia and New Zealand alone, there are already over 1,000 fitness studios, gyms and facilities to choose from. Options range from the more traditional – yoga, Pilates, boxing and Zumba – to the adventurous such as rock climbing and rap jumping. Membership also provides access to fun leisure activities including laser tag and bowling. In that way we’re totally different to any other providers out there.  Working out can be fun, and to maintain a healthly lifestyle you have to love what you’re doing – so we want to create a platform that allows our members to keep discovering what they love.

What is your favourite song to work out to at the moment?
Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive

What do you wish was healthier than it is?
Coffee, and wi-fi.

Best brand of work out gear?
Lorna Jane for sure, they’re creative with their design and made to fit your lifestyle. The Active Living program shares many of our KFit philosophies around ‘wellness.’

What does health and wellbeing mean to you? When do you feel healthy?
Health and wellbeing means balance and strength to me. I feel healthy when I am managing daily stress, eating well and exercising regularly. The easiest way to keep doing this is through variety and doing what you love – mixing up how you work out and who with, and having a varied colourful diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.  My working environment is dynamic and creative, which is fulfilling rather than draining! Keep Smiling & Keep Fit!

Best brunch in Melbourne?
Mammoth in Armadale. The menu is completely different from anything else out there. It’s rare that you come across something truly unique.

People don’t expect this about me but…
I liken the feeling of my first Skydive to the first time I did yoga, properly. A truly grounding experience.

Your Holy Grail beauty product is…
You might not have heard of Skincerity, but you wont understand its power until you get your hands on it. It’s a breathable night masque that literally hydrates your skin as you sleep. Google it. Seriously.

What’s next for KFit?
We’re launching in more cities across Australia over the coming months, so check out our website and social pages to see how many cities you can KFit in.  But every step of every day is where we focus our energy on creating the best user experience for our members and our partners.

  • You’re a well known coffee connoisseur, who’s your go-to for a caffeine hit?
  • People always ask me where to find the best coffee. I have a list of my favourite go-to places for every mood. Borsch vodka and tears for amazing espresso martinis.