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Jerri Jones

Founder and creative director of Jerri Jones The Label
Jerri Jones is one to watch in the Melbourne fashion scene. Having only launched label Jerri Jones last year, the brand is quickly growing a cult following for her classic leather pieces. Jerri’s also wife to Melbourne Football Club captain Nathan Jones and mum to one-year old Bobbi and two Staffies, Oska and Indie. Set to pave a road away from trend focussed, disposable ‘fast fashion’, Jerri Jones forges a new path to rediscover the appeal of simplicity, longevity and quality pieces worth investing in.

Jerri Jones

Home is…
Black Rock, Victoria

What do you do?
Full-time mum to one-year-old daughter Bobbi, and Founder and Creative Director of Jerri Jones The Label

What can’t you leave the house without?
Since becoming a mother I carry so much more with me. I’d have to say the boring but practical – nappies and wipes for Bobbi definitely – and my iPhone 6 plus for me.

Your gorgeous daughter Bobbi recently turned one year old. What has surprised you most about motherhood?
How naturally it came to me, when I didn’t necessarily think it would. Plus, the cliche concept of how much love you can have for this little mini person that is half you and half your partner, and how fiercely protective you become instantly. Everything else pales in comparison to the importance of this little addition to your life.

Your signature scent is…
Chanel, Coco Mademoiselle – It was my wedding fragrance so it’s sentimental.

We love your fashion brand, Jerri Jones The Label, especially your classic leather biker jacket! What was the catalyst for starting your own label?
The label was born out of my own frustration, not being able to find high quality leather pieces for a reasonable price. I found that there were higher end labels like Acne, Burberry making jackets for $2000 minimum, or your lower end high street labels making mass produced, trend based pieces. I really wanted to tap into the middle of the two, and offer really beautiful quality pieces, in classic styles that are worth investing in, so they see you through season after season. I’m a huge believer in quality over quantity, especially when it comes to your wardrobe – I’d much rather invest in 5 amazing pieces I will wear over and over, rather than buy 20 cheap pieces that are seasonal trends or poor quality and won’t last me very long. I’ve started with a few basic leather pieces and will expand into adding pieces to help create the perfect capsule wardrobe of essentials as the business grows.

What are the biggest lessons in business you’ve learnt so far?
I’ve learnt to see my ‘mistakes’ as learnings, and not beat myself up over them. Without making those mistakes I wouldn’t have had the journey I’ve had to make it to the point I am at today.
Also, to stop trying to wait for everything to be ‘perfect’ and just start, and perfect, improve and evolve as I go.

Your husband Nathan is the captain of the Melbourne Football Club – what is the most rewarding thing about this and what could you do without?
We’re very blessed that Nath playing AFL allows us to live the life we live at the moment, and for that we are really grateful. Like anything, there are the downsides, but they aren’t so bad! It is so lovely to see my husband do something he loves and has worked extremely hard at for his whole life. Although his career has been testing at times, his strength of character and resilience is something to be really admired. I have all the hopes for him to play finals and achieve every player’s dream of winning a grand final, all the tough times along the way would make that moment all the more special. Last weekend, Nath played his 200th Game and he got to run out through the banner with Bobbi, wearing her ‘Daddy’ guernsey – Moments like those are the ones we will remember forever.

Next travel destination on your wishlist?
Turkey. I have my beautiful leather pieces made there and I will be visiting my manufacturer later this year to develop new pieces, I’m very excited!

What’s on your fashion lust-list at the moment?
During the day, I’m living in sneakers chasing after Bobbi. I’m on the hunt for some cool sneakers to replace some dying pairs I have. I’m liking the Acne Adriana sneakers in black with the white sole, and also the Common Projects Tournament high tops from Net-a-porter.

Your gorgeous wedding was featured in Real Weddings – what advice do you have for brides to be planning their wedding?
Definitely to just enjoy the process, don’t over think it. Approach by way of planning it as a big ‘party’, how hard could that be? That was my own mantra when deciding to plan our wedding around the footy season and planning in about 4 months (we decided to bring it a year forward, as we had already been together for so long we were keen to start the next chapter of our lives!) My beautiful friend, Kyha, from OneDay Bridal gave me a piece of advice that I took on and now pass on to bride friends; make sure at one point during the night, you grab your new Husband and take some time to have a private drink together and take it all in. It is so easy to get caught up speaking to all your guests that you could forget to spend time with each other, when you both are the reason for the whole event. It’s about you as a couple and making time to have a quite moment to enjoy each other and reflect is so important – The day goes so fast you wouldn’t believe it!

Your best party trick is…
Often it ends up being me hanging with the boys, so probably just trying to keep up with them!

As Bobbi grows older, what qualities in both Nathan and yourself do you hope she takes on?
I hope she has Nath’s determination, courage and confidence, and I hope she has both of our sense of loyalty and family and my sense of humor (so she laughs at all of her Dad’s jokes!)

What’s next for Jerri Jones The Label?
Working on expanding the label’s offering – developing more beautiful classic wardrobe essentials to help women create the perfect ‘go-to’ pieces for the ultimate capsule wardrobe.

  • We love your brows! Who’s your go-to brow guru?
  • Amy Geoghegan from Along Came Amy looks after my brows for me (she has amazing brows herself, so you know she knows whats up!) and does facials from her home salon in Richmond. Amy has been helping me get my skin back on track, post baby and the crazy hormones that come with it!