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Celebrity Astrologer
Loved for his quirky and insightful predictions, British based Jonathan Cainer is the world's most popular and successful astrologers of our time. Over the years, Cainer has written sun sign columns (horoscopes based on birth month) for The Mirror, The Daily Mail and the Daily Express with his columns syndicated in newspapers in the US, UK, South Africa, Malaysia and Australia. A self confessed workaholic, Cainer is also an established author, having written many books including Cosmic Ordering: How to Make Your Dreams Come True, Complete Book of the Zodiac and many more….

Jonathan Cainer

Home is…
York, North Yorkshire

What do you do?
I write daily zodiac forecasts

Fastidious about?
Probably fastidious about trying to persuade myself that I’m not fastidious about anything! But if fastidious is code for obsessive compulsive, count the number of words in my little introduction piece each day. When they leave my laptop, there is always exactly 99 of them.

Would most like to meet and why?
Every single person on this planet, if only briefly. But I did the math. 7 billion, even at only a second of eye contact each, is longer than a lifetime. That’s slightly disappointing.

If there was one more hour in the day I would spend it doing…
An extra hour of meditation!

Could you tell us what’s in store for Who’s Your? in 2014 and beyond?
2014 is a great year for all who are ready to break the mould, go beyond tradition and re-write the usual rules of engagement in commerce and business. And each passing year for at least a decade to come favours the radical innovators. I guess that includes you guys.

Is there life on other planets?
Life? Or intelligent life? If you mean the latter, I think the jury is still out on this planet, never mind the others.

If I wasn’t the star of the stargazers I would be…
I’ve always secretly wondered if I might have managed to learn the art of writing stage farces.

You write over 25,000 words each week. What are your top three tips to write well with speed?
1) Every idea is your friend, even if it seems crazy when it first pops up.
2) No idea is your very best friend. You can be disloyal to it, even abandon it entirely if it’s demanding too much time.
3) Be busy. If 25,000 words is the output, feel capable of writing 40,000 if you had to.

Could you share with us your topline forecast for 2014 and what we should expect from the coming year?
We inhabitants of planet earth should expect our whole idea of the meaning and definition of ‘money’ to start altering soon. In an inspiring way.

You visit India regularly to meditate for weeks on end, what are your top five travel bag essentials?
Five? When the inner light goes everywhere you go, you can soon learn the art of travelling light.

You live in a small village in North Yorkshire. What are the best places in the UK for:
Sunday roast?
I’m not just a vegetarian, I’m a vegan. The only thing I like to eat roasted are nuts. No hang on, that doesn’t sound right…
High tea? Oolong tea gets me pretty high!
Weekend getaway? I live just in front of a river beside a beautiful ancient tourist town. Why would I want to go anywhere else?

Your go-to…
Spoon bender
- Uri Geller
Cultural etiquette advisor - Sir Les Patterson 
Inner knowledge advisor - Words of Peace Global 

  • You’re a big fan of natural medicine. Who’s Your Acupuncturist?
  • Stuart Lightbody at The Halifax Clinic, Halifax Yorkshire. He is a master of his craft.