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Kara Liu

Founder and Designer, Interval
Kara Liu is the brains behind the Interval label. Born in China and raised in Melbourne, Kara graduated as DUX of the Bachelor of Fashion Design program at RMIT University. She then jetted to New York for three months where she landed the dream internship with influential and iconic fashion designer Alexander Wang. When she returned from the Big Apple Kara moved to Sydney, where she entered and won the Glue 1% Fashion Design Competition. Fast forward to today, and Liu is waiting with bated breath for the debut of her first solo collection from her very own label, Interval.

Kara Liu

Home is…
Surry Hills, NSW

What do you do?
I’m the designer of my fashion label, Interval.

What can’t you leave the house without?
A pen. There are always moments of inspiration that happens spontaneously in everyday life. I’m old-schooled and like to document things analogue.

Your last meal on earth would be…
Sweet and sour lotus roots. It’s one of my favorite dishes – sweet, sour, crunchy and delicious. Every time I visit my family in China, my parents, my grandma or my aunt, or whoever is preparing the meal, I make sure that this particular dish is on the table. It reminds me that I’m loved.

Congratulations on launching your first label, Interval! What can we expect to see in your designs?
Thank you! You could sum up Interval’s aesthetics with: Understated, refined, detailed, elegant, comfortable. ’Interval’ is that moment in time and space in between that are just to yourself, an interlude of life. It’s ‘mindful living’. I try to recreate that feeling in clothes that are clean, beautifully understated, and effortlessly elegant. You don’t have to think too hard about how to wear an Interval garment. Simply put it on and feel elegant and at ease.

How would you describe the Interval woman?
She is probably in her late 20s to early 30s. She is feminine but not girly, refined and effortlessly sexy. She’s got a very profound sense of personal style. With her, it’s always less is more, quality over quantity. She believes in adding luxury and beauty to all aspects of life, not just in what she wears. So she really has an understanding and appreciation in finer things – finer fabrics and great cuts. I think she is a fantastic woman, because so many women are her.

You interned in NYC with Alexander Wang – what did you learn the most from this experience?
It was an experience like no other! I think the one thing that really stayed with me is how much attention to detail goes into each and every single garment. From the designer to the pattern maker, to the sample machinist, everything is considered, down to the size of a topstitching. Nothing is ever left to chance. There is so much care going into every single piece of design. That is the most important thing I took away from the experience and I try to do the same in Interval.  

Who would you most love to see wearing Interval?
This is a tough question! Top of the list would be Garance Dore. She is just an intelligent, eloquent, charismatic all-round amazing with a great sense of style. Her outfits are always well put together, compliment her but not over shadow her, and never try-hard.

What’s next on your fashion wish list?
Celine’s Slide Earrings and Modernist Earrings! Very much mesmerized by the beautifully crafted metal and gem detailed, oversized designs. My piercings actually closed up years ago. I’m seriously considering getting them re-pieced for these earrings! 

What would you spend your last $50 on?
Hopefully I’d never get into the situation where I only have $50! Depends on the exact situation.. I’d invest it into something that would get myself back on my feet. Never give up until it’s over. Others have started with less!

Owning your own business can be all-consuming at times – how do you switch off and find time for yourself?
I try to separate my work and personal life as much as possible. I try to do most of my work in the office or studio. Doesn’t matter how late I stay, I prefer to step out of office free of the day’s work rather than take work home. My home is my sanctuary where I completely switch off and just enjoy my moments of solitude. On occasions where I absolutely have to take work home with me, I try to make it an enjoyable affair by lighting some candles, put on music, make some coffee and opening up the blinds so I can see the greenery on the terrace while I work.

What do your friends comment most on about you?
I get a lot of compliments on my home. It is a space where I can absolutely stay true to my personal aesthetics. It’s very open, minimal, well-organized, filled with light, and with minimalistic prints, and little objet d’art scattered around the place. I don’t have a decorator. A lot of my inspirations are gleaned from Pinterest and just browsing many of my favourite interior design boutiques and showrooms. Sometimes I feel like I’m cheating on fashion with homewares!

  • As a lover of fashion and interiors, flowers are a great accessory! Who’s your florist?
  • I go to Buds & Bowers on Crown St regularly for work and for home. They are the most innovative and friendly florists that can work to your brief.