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Kate Christie

Time management specialist and author at Time Stylers
Time Stylers founder Kate Christie is a time management specialist, Speaker and the author of “Me Time – The Professional Woman’s Guide to Finding 30 Guilt-Free Hours a Month”, which walks readers through a proven 5 step process to find and harness lost time.

Name: Kate Christie

Home is… Newport, Victoria

What do you do?
I am a time management expert, specialising in working with busy female professionals and business owners who need smart new strategies to better manage the work/ life juggle.

Tell us how you got to where you are today…
With passion and purpose – find your passion, plan, set goals and work your butt off!

What are your top 3 tips and tricks that can be implemented into every day life to better manage time?
1. Understand the value of your time. When you know what an hour of your time is worth, it helps you focus on choosing the right tasks to perform.
2. Prepare a To Do List the night before. Identify your Top 3 tasks for the next day and add an estimate of how long each task will take.
3. Don’t be ruled by your emails – schedule blocks of time to deal with emails and then close the program between each block.

We love your book ‘Me Time’: a professional woman’s guide to finding 30 guilt-free hours a month’. What would you like to hear women say about your book after they’ve read it?
I would love to hear that I have helped women gain back time to focus on the things they love to do.

What advice would you give your teenage self?
Never stop seeking out people smarter than you and learn as much as you can from them.

When do you feel most balanced?
When I am dedicating my time to what is most important that day – which could be work, it could be time with my kids, or it could be time just for me.

What does your ‘work uniform’ look like?
Ha! I have two work uniforms. When I am out and about at meetings I love to wear beautiful dresses, colourful shoes and bags. When I work from my home office I love to wear my track pants and UGG boots!

What is the most common problem women have when managing their time?
Women have 3 key challenges when it comes to time management, and I believe this is because women rarely have the confidence or the desire to put themselves first and focus on their own needs:

1. They simply don’t have enough time, and time for themselves? Forget it!
2. They worry they can’t have success across all aspects of their life
3. They feel guilty putting their work before their family or other lifestyle commitments

It’s time to put yourself first!

My guilty pleasure is…
Listening Jim Dale reading the audio of Harry Potter (pathetic really!)

The best advice that you ever received?
‘You make your own luck’

Who would you most like to have lunch with, living or dead?
My grandparents, because I would love to know them, hear about their lives and introduce them to my children.

5 things that make you smile?
1. My kids
2. My husband, who makes me laugh every day (unless I am annoyed with him!)
3. Having fun with my friends
4. Finishing a good jog
5. My cat rolling around on the hot bricks.

  • As a professional public speaker and presenter, looking great is part of the package. Who’s your stylist when you need to look fabulous?
  • Emma Gayfer from Tiger & Goat is my fashion stylist who always has me looking great when I need to!