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Katerina Pitsikas

Director and Event Producer for Kat & Co
Inaugural winner of the Australian Events Awards ‘Young Achiever of the Year’, Kat & Co. director and producer, Katerina Pitsikas, has over 12 years experience producing events to the very highest level on the local and international stage. Kat is the brains/imagination behind some of Australia’s best events. Kat comes up with the ideas for clients like Hermes, the Prix Di Marie Claire awards, has done a celebrity gala at NYC’s Rockefeller Centre... On Ice and a couple of Olympics, to name a few!

Katerina Pitsikas

Home is…
Rushcutters Bay, NSW

What do you do?
Event producer and Director of Kat & Co.

Favourite holiday occasion of the year and why?
Without a doubt the Australia Day holiday. No pressure, no one to see, nothing to do, a holiday without the pressure of entertaining, gift giving and obligatory festivities.

As the owner of Kat & Co, a specialist events company, you create incredible settings for special occasions – what’s been the highlight of your career so far?
My career-defining moment was producing London House at the Beijing Olympics.

It was the handover party for the London Olympics on the final night of the Beijing Olympics with London Mayor Boris Johnson and David Beckham. That was definitely a milestone for me to working on an international platform like that.

Events can be stressful, how do you maintain a healthy work life balance?
Staying inspired and planning ahead to make sure I have time for myself throughout the year. I love to travel, especially to Greece. I love to experience new art and design whenever possible. I love spending time with my family and friends.

The city that inspires you the most is? Why?
New York, the whole universe in one hundred blocks and the epicentre of creative thinking and artistic endeavour. It never fails to surprise me with the most unexpected, unique and surprising on and ‘off’ Broadway shows, restaurant finds and fab fashion. I never miss a night at the Apollo Theatre, my most favourite New York experience up there with a visit to the Met.

Favourite cocktail?
Definitely a Dirty Martini if I have no work commitments the next day!

Who would you most like to plan a party/event for and why?
A dinner party for Karl Lagerfeld, Bill Clinton, Anna Wintour and Beyoncé – because they’re leaders in their fields and they’ve done everything and been everywhere. That makes them a hard audience to delight but that’s the challenge, to throw them a party like nothing they’ve seen before and hopefully after!

Favourite place for breakfast in Sydney and why?
My new favourite breakfast spot is Avila in Bondi Beach. If fulfills all of my must haves – great coffee, great location, friendly staff and delicious savoury crepes.

When you visit Melbourne, what is your hotel of choice?
Well it’s hard to beat the comfort, convenience and luxury of The Crown Towers however, I also like The Olsen in South Yarra, it’s nice and close to all of the fabulous Chapel Street shops and a great boutique experience.

Happiness means to you…
Being around people I love and admire.
Being the best I can be at my job and creating events everyone else talks about.
Being surprised and inspired by new “things” that energise me creatively for home and work.

The strangest thing you have had to do for your job…
Filling a giant martini glass with lukewarm, temperature monitored water and adding purple food colouring to get the perfect lavender hue for the one and only Dita Von Teese performing at an event I produced for David Grant.

  • Remembering to take time for yourself is important, who’s your go-to for unwinding?
  • Every therapist at Kahuna Centre is amazing, and you come out feeling like a new person!