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Kimberley Fleetwood

Founder of Urban Entertaining, caterer, florist, party-coordinator…
Kimberley began Urban Entertaining in 1999 after a successful career working in some of Melbourne’s best fine dining restaurants. A love of beautiful food, atmosphere, people and an aesthetic appreciation all came together to create a business that is always evolving. Kimberley’s great team with their incredible attention to detail and their personalised service is uniquely matched to the nature and capacity of your next event.

Name is: Kimberley Fleetwood

Home is: Armadale, Victoria

What do you do?
Founder of Urban Entertaining, caterer, florist, party-coordinator…

Fastidious about?
Keeping fit and healthy.

I’ve recently mastered…
the best duck liver and cognac pate on earth.

Urban Entertaining has recently launched a home delivery service, Urban @ Home. How did this new project come to fruition?
After several years of being asked by clients, friends and colleagues, we finally thought it was about time we packaged up some of our tasty dishes and made them available for people to have delivered to their homes.

Fish or meat lover?
Both, I love a rare rib eye steak or a rich slow cooked peasant meat dish in the winter. I also adore a deliciously chilled plate of fresh oysters with a simple dressing, or a carpaccio of kingfish with fresh lime and coconut dressing in summer.
My last meal on earth would be….anything with chilli and loads of garlic.

What is your top tip for time poor people that want to create healthy meals at home but feel they don’t have the time?
Make sure you have some Urban@Home meals in your fridge or freezer!

The key to creating healthy, nutritious food that tastes good is….
always use fresh produce, organic if possible making sure you always have herbs, garlic and a good array of spices on hand plus good olive oil.

What are your top kitchen appliances/gadgets or tools?
1. My Thermomix,
2. Global cook’s knife
3. Microplane
4. Super spicy Bloody Mary
5. Some good tunes…not necessarily in that order

When I’m not in the kitchen you’ll find me…
spending time with my family or at the gym.

Favourite holiday destination and why?
Twin Palms Phuket. Super relaxing boutique hotel, best Tom Yum on earth, great gym, and secluded private beach with a great sunset beach bar.

  • The nuances of food can sometimes be difficult to translate into pictures, who’s your photographer who does it so well?
  • Emily Abay is the most talented photographer in Melbourne for Fashion and Events