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Kimberly Nissen

Beauty Editor at The Plastic Diaries
Kimmi is the beauty editor best friend you've always wished you had. After nearly a decade in Australia's media industry she created to share her experiences in the search to create the best possible version of herself. Kimmi believes when you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you look good.

Kimberly Nissen

Home is…
Melbourne, Victoria

What top three websites do you visit for digital inspiration and why?
Pinterest, Instagram and Bellashoot – You can’t beat the diversity offered on social media. These particular platforms are all about visuals so they provide quick, detailed inspiration at a glance.

What has been the highlight of your blogging career so far?
For me there isn’t one big highlight. The highlights are the emails and comments saying I helped someone with a problem, or taught them something new.

Favourite app and why?
I change my mind all the time but currently it’s Snapseed. Like most bloggers I’ve had to learn how to take photos on the job and this app has helped me improve the quality of my photos without doing an expensive photography course. 

What’s your signature look?
No-makeup’ makeup and natural hair worn down or in a messy bun. Most of the time I just want to present the best version of myself, not look like a stranger.

You’ve recently moved from Sydney to Melbourne – what are your favourite new spots for:

-       Coffee? Parkdale Beach Cafe + Kiosk in Parkdale. I went here for a meeting once and fell in love. It’s by the water and makes you feel like you’re on a beach holiday even in the dead of winter.
-       Brunch? Sister of Soul in St Kilda. Their menu is perfect for vegetarian and vegan foodies.
-       Shopping? Chapel Street – it’s so tourist but when I needed to transform my wardrobe into Melbourne winter appropriate I could hit all the best stores in one go.

Talent you’d most like to have and why?
A steady hand! Applying makeup and doing nail art would be so much easier.

What advice do you have for those wanting to start a blog?
Don’t start one for the wrong reasons – making money, fame, popularity – it rarely happens and even for those who are lucky enough to get them it’s done through tireless work. Start a blog as a creative outlet or a way to record your achievements and experiences, and ask yourself if you will be happy even if no one reads it and you never get anything from it. 

What’s currently on rotation on your bathroom shelf?

-       Nivea Pure Effect Thermo Daily Warming Cleanser – It’s the perfect winter warmer each morning.
-       Natio Renew Anti-Ageing & Firming Facial Serum – Err on the side of caution, that’s what I always say.
-       Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum – I’m obsessed with the entire Supergoop! range.
-       Tweezerman tweezers – They solve all of life’s problems. Ok not all, but definitely the hairy ones.

Favourite perfume and why?
Sacrilegious ! I would never choose favourites like that. The best I can do is tell you what I’m wearing right now… Love Never Dies Black Jewel by Jeanne Arthes

You can’t leave the house without…
53 lip products. No, wait, just 4 – balm, nude gloss, pink lipstick and red lipstick.


  • You’re often complimented on your amazing strong brows, who’s your eyebrow master?
  • My brows are probably my most complimented feature, and Suzi whips them into shape in just a few minutes. She is a magician with a piece of string!