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Larina Robinson

Dietician and Nutritionist
Larina is a wholefood dietician and nutritionist helping people eat more wholesome for their individual health goals and a happy gut. Larina’s goal is to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to change their diet and lifestyle habits to live their best life – proving support beyond the one hour consult. A regular contributor to magazines and the dietician expert for Sporteluxe, Larina also recently launched her first cookbook.

Larina Robinson

Home is…
Pyrmont, NSW

Favourite hour of the day and why?
6am – if it’s sunny, I’m up and off to be active, and I’m excited for the day. If it’s rainy, I’ll wake up and happily snuggle and snooze a little enjoying listening to the rain.

As a nutritionist and dietician, you believe that food and mood are related – what are your top tips for eating for happiness?
Absolutely! Most of the body’s happy hormone serotonin is produced in the gut! It’s no wonder our mood is affected when we eat poor choices. Choosing whole foods, as close to nature intended is always a great start. Opting for foods that suit your own body, and in amounts that your body needs for your daily activities. Consuming plenty of fibre, protein and healthy fats, as well as low GI carbohydrates will give you a steady energy level all day long and help prevent dips in blood sugar levels and therefore moods.

You’re a regular contributor to luxe fitness and wellness blog, Sporteluxe – how do you put a touch of luxe into your fitness and health regime?
Oh good question – normally my routine is pretty straight forward, so my little piece of luxe would be indulging in a massage to help soothe my muscles.

What’s your favourite way to exercise and why?
I love kickboxing, pretty much just because I love punching things! Ha! No, I tend to hold a lot of stress in my body, so it’s a great tension reliever and it sculpts your upper abs and arms in no time. Good for mind and body!

It can be difficult to refuse a second poolside mimosa… how do you stay healthy while travelling?
Preparation is key – make things to take with you, Google healthy cafes and restaurants where you’re going, and don’t forget to live a little on holidays – it is a holiday after all!

Top three foods for anti-ageing?
Tough one! I’d go with: Salmon, Avocado and Blueberries.

What is your advice for those who believe they may have a food intolerance?
Always, always, always seek a qualified health professional with experience in the area. Don’t bother taking the tests that test around 200 different foods and provide you with a big list of things you ‘may’ be allergic/intolerant to – you’re wasting your money! They’re not evidenced based and most simply show the things you’ve been eating recently, not what you have trouble with, if anything.

Favourite place in Sydney for;
The Boatshed, Balmoral Beach
A sweet treat? A homemade GF, DF, SF slice of the Fruit and Nut Beauty Loaf from VIRTUE by The Body Dietetics (coming November!)
Blow dry? Que Colour – Pete Lennon 

  • As a dietician and health blogger, fitness is very important for overall health. Who’s your personal trainer?
  • Stuart Lee is an awesome trainer for strength and weight loss!