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Laura Wiederman & Danielle Mulham

Co-founders, The Vault Online
The Vault Online offers exclusive, immediate access to the latest fashion advice, beauty tricks and lifestyle inspirations. Lead by founders and stylists, Laura Wiederman and Danielle Mulham, The Vault Online is an insider’s guide that allows you to shop with creativity, knowledge and daily inspiration, picking up on trends as they happen. With a cult following, the duo brings approachability to fashion and style. A vision lead by the girls personally developed aesthetic – rough luxe; the art of mixing luxury pieces with high street fashion in an effortless execution of edge and elegance.

Laura Wiederman and Danielle Mulham

Home is…
Paddington and Manly, Sydney NSW

What do you do?
We run The Vault Online – which offers exclusive, immediate access to the latest fashion advice, beauty tricks and lifestyle inspirations.

How would you describe your style?
Refined with a slight edge.
Danielle: My style has always been the same idea. Very free, easy, relaxed, and slightly androgynous.

What was the catalyst for you to start online fashion and lifestyle destination The Vault Online?
For me, it was an avenue to start something of my own that reflected me in a creative manner. At around 10 years old, I had fallen in love with my first ever Vogue and read it over and over again, dog-tagging pages, even ripping out editorials and sticking them on my bedroom wall. I also had a major love for online shopping (as I used to hide my purchases from my parents so they didn’t see how much money I was spending!) It’s with this that I knew I had to create something that combined both of those loves – creating an online platform combining the aesthetic of magazines and the convenience and performance of online shopping. I knew I was onto something and it literally took one cup of coffee to convince Dani to jump on board!
Danielle: My motto has always been if you love what you do you never have to work a day in your life…hence why I wanted to fulfill every day with my greatest passions in life. The fact that I can work alongside my best friend is also very special.

On the weekends you’ll find me..
Enjoying a few cheeky wines on a Friday at a local wine bar with friends. I love to start my Saturday morning with a private yoga session at my friend’s place (so I don’t feel so guilty about the night before!) followed by a delicious home cooked meal with my boyfriend. Bliss!
Danielle: Saturday mornings at Extend Barre followed by breakfast at Cooh Café (their buckwheat pancakes are NEXT LEVEL!)

Fashion moment best left in the past? (and why)
Eek! This is a shocker! (Keep in mind, I was about 12!) When I went to a local schoolboy’s rugby match I decided to wear… a matching pale pink, velvet tracksuit with ‘Juicy’ on my behind! Oh! And to top it off, I paired this with white “moon-boot” like UGGs! What was I thinking?
Danielle: Hair scrunchies – never ever again!

Best ‘out of the box’ beauty advice you’ve ever received?
I have a few! But to keep it short & sweet; Always apply your foundation with a brush or sponge, never with your hands.  The heat from your palms can actually change the colour of your foundation and therefore, not give you the true finish you want.
Danielle: Have you ever found you don’t get enough mascara product on the brush? Well, don’t push the brush up & down vigorously, as this just lets in more air to the product rather than adding it!

Signature scent?
Laura:  Balenciaga Paris, Eau De Parfum.
Danielle: Ellie Saab (I literally had to stop a girl on the street one day!)

Best or “pinch yourself” moment along The Vault Online journey so far?
When some of our readers and followers happen to be people we look up to in the industry. It’s always a “victory dance” moment!

The Vault Online has an impressive social media following, no doubt due to your gorgeous visual content! Did your growth occur organically or did you have a set strategy in place?
When we were just starting out it was purely organic…but as time went on we started to see what an impact it was making so we started to get a little (or a lot) more OCD and strategic about our approach.

What advice do you have for friends going into business together?
Remind yourself that there are two personas you need to take on when starting a business together with friends.  “Laura as the business partner” versus “Laura as the best friend.” It’s important to keep this in mind when there are moments that we have come across where we need to switch off from the business (usually on a night out together!) and just be Dani & Laura, as friends. At the end of the day, Dani and I were friends to start with and whatever happens, we plan on it staying that way.
Danielle: Do not compare yourself to anyone or any other company. Focus on what YOU’RE doing and YOUR goal only.

London or New York?
New York, New York! Can’t get enough of the concrete jungle itself.  The nightlife, shopping, people and overall character it holds. There is never a dull moment in the Big Apple!
Danielle: London! There is something about the energy, the restaurants, and the overall vibe.  Oh, (and the men!). I’m a sucker for the English accent ;)

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