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Lauren Brain

Blogger at The Cut and Paste
Fashion and beauty blogger Lauren Brain is most widely known for her time on the airwaves, including being Nova’s newsreader. Now in the digital media and PR arena, Lauren works on her website The Cut & Paste, as well as contributing to numerous fashion publications including Fashion Journal and Missy Confidential, and has judged Myer’s Fashion on the Field competition for the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

Lauren Brain

Home is…
North Melbourne, Victoria  

What do you do?
I’m a blogger at, and work in PR and styling.

Who is your current style muse?
I have a few, but right now I am loving Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller. Her bold choices, playful and colourful outfits are always interesting and unique. And girl knows how to layer!

What has been your biggest fashion splurge?
I tend to splurge on accessories – bags and shoes, more than individual clothing items. Last year I got myself a pair of Saint Laurent ankle boots that are so versatile and comfortable I have hardly taken them off! Certainly no regrets there.

What’s your daily beauty routine? What are you Holy Grail beauty products?
I have a fairly standard beauty routine and tend to gravitate towards natural skincare products as I have super sensitive skin. I love Subtle Energies rose facial oil for a luxe winter ritual, Skinceuticals Vitamin C serum, Frank coffee scrubs, Klornane dry shampoo, and makeup-wise; Napoleon Radiance-boosting Primer for fresh, dewy looking skin and Urban Decay’s Naked eye palettes.

I have to be careful with facials and treatments but neoSKiN’s Oxygen facial followed by an LED light session is an absolute favourite, my skin just glows afterwards.

Your blog, The Cut and Paste, is many women’s go-to for beauty, lifestyle and fashion. Where do you draw your inspiration?
I take in fashion and beauty news from all around me, probably without even realising some of the time! I read other fashion blogs, magazines, watch out for fab street style online and in real life, and like most fashion-lovers, I spend a lot of time scrolling through Instagram!

What are you coveting at the moment?
A pair of Aquazurra heels and an Acne leather biker jacket. Yes please!

Where is your favourite view in Melbourne?
I love the look of wide Melbourne streets in Autumn, when the leaves are golden and just starting to fall. And I’m not even a huge sports-lover, but I have to say the sight of a packed MCG on a sunny afternoon is pretty impressive too.   

What are you currently reading?
I just finished ‘The Girl on the Train’… it was such compulsive reading that I think I finished it in a few sittings! I can’t say much, but it’s definitely worth a read. I would also recommend Steve Toltz’ ‘A Fraction of the Whole’ and Rohinton Mistry’s ‘A Fine Balance’, some of my faves.

How do you stay organised (diary or iphone) and what tips do you have in maintaining a healthy work/life balance?
I’m a pretty organised person and I use both my iPhone calendar and an old-school diary. Some weeks I just need to write everything down so I can feel on top of things. And make lists! What’s better than crossing off a long to-do list?

When it comes to a work-life balance, I tend to switch off a bit on weekends. I’ll spend a little time on my blog or social media and replying to emails, but generally I do as much as I can for work and the blog through the week.

What did you think your career would be when you were a teenager?
In high school I applied for a Bachelor of Communications because I wanted to work in Journalism – which I did for almost 10 years until this year, or PR – which is what I’m doing now. But it’s funny, my second choice was Biomedical Science – I was also really into those subjects too. I often think about how different my life might have ended up had I swapped them around on my application! I guess things happen for a reason after all.

What’s next on the agenda for Lauren Brain?
I’ve started a new job working in PR with Romano Beck just a few months ago, so that’s my focus for now. I’m also enjoying doing some styling work and always on the look out for stories/content/ideas for the blog too.

The best holiday you have had was…
I spent a month traveling around Madagascar and Reunion Island a few years ago, it was an amazing and pretty eye-opening experience.

  • You have amazing eyebrows! Who’s your beautician?
  • She’s great at shaping eyebrows (and any other beauty treatment you’re after)