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Lauren Hannaford

Former elite gymnast, Personal Trainer and dancer
Lauren Hannaford loves living a fit and active life. After starting gymnastics at a young age, she quickly progressed to competing and coaching at a national level. This kick-started her passion for health and fitness as she branched out to add personal training, dancing and fitness modelling to her résumé. While touring with The Wiggles as a dancer, she created her signature style of high-intensity bodyweight interval workouts – which have her clients singing her praises and a large base of social media followers liking her impressive bendy moves!

Name: Lauren Hannaford

Home is… Coogee, NSW

What do you do? I’m a personal trainer, dancer and gymnastics coach.

Describe yourself in 3 words…

As a former professional gymnast, you can pull off some pretty tricky moves! How do you incorporate gymnastic methods into your training plans for your clients? Do we all have and ‘inner gymnast’ inside us?
Absolutely! Everybody has an inner gymnast living inside of them… The inner gymnast is more easily accessible than people realise. Clients, friends or random people I stop and help in the park or at the gym are always so surprised at themselves with what they can do with just a few little pointers.

I take a handful of gymnastics skills or exercises and modify them to suit each different person’s fitness level to then incorporate them into their workouts, focusing on gymnastics techniques. When we use our brain and our body all in one, we get double the workout.

What is your go-to quick and healthy dinner recipe?
Seared salmon (with chilli flakes) and steamed veggies (broccoli, zucchini, carrot, squash). I just tried to type that really fast because it says ‘quick’ – ha!

You’re obviously a very busy woman; do you ever get any ‘me’ time? How do you like to spend it?
It is so important for you to have ‘me’ time. You need to be able to find time to be in your own company so you can think about how you are feeling and reflect/evaluate yourself and your feelings.

I like to go for a walk or even a run along the coast of the eastern beaches in Sydney where I can just think about… stuff… everything. It is always a nice time to reflect.

What was the best and worst thing about touring with the Wiggles as a Wiggly dancer?
It is actually really hard to pinpoint a ‘best’ thing. I think of one thing and then think, ‘oh no but that other thing was good, oh no but so was this, oh hang on but what about that’. So basically everything! From the shows, to the amazing world travel I experienced, to Joel Madden and Nicole Richie sitting in the audience watching a show that I am in, or Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner! I never thought that would happen in my lifetime.

The worst thing… I don’t think there could be any ‘worsts’! Maybe when a tour came to an end, but then we would start another one somewhere else which made it all better again!

What’s your favourite natural therapies treatment? And why?
Definitely massage! I would be silly not to say that, right?! I do so many handstands in my workouts so getting regular shoulder and neck massages really keeps me in check and helps me keep those traps relaxed.

You have over 31,000 Instagram followers! What do you think people like most about following you on social media?
I think people are naturally always drawn more towards a handstand photo or a workout video as a ‘likeable’ image. Although from most comments or emails I receive I think people like being able to get a real sense of me as a person and feeling like they know me, beyond seeing me upside down or working out, as well as feeling like they are learning something from each post.

What are your top 3 favourite apps and why?
Outside the given ones like Instagram and Facebook, I like Google Maps because hooley dooley does it make life easier. Nike+ Running because I can keep track of runs that I do all over the world, and last but not least ‘League Live’ so I can stay up to date with all things footy.

With so many things on the go, what does your typical day look like? What’s your favourite hour of the day?
My days always vary depending on what I’m doing. Whether it be a PT session, interviews, events, travelling, blog posts on my website or whatever may come my way. There is one thing I always try to make as consistent as possible, and that is my fitness regime. Whether I can get in a full training session or just a quick 15 minute metabolism starter, I will always do something because it’s good for my brain.

My favourite hour of the day would definitely have to be brunch! Not that I get to have brunch everyday, it’s normally a weekend thing but by golly gingo’s I love brunch!

Favourite brand of workout gear and why?
Nike! I have just been wearing it for years, its fits me the best and I don’t notice that I’m wearing clothes…by which I mean I don’t find myself pulling and adjusting my clothing after moving my body and exercising.

  • As a fitness lover, you must spend hours working out yourself and training others. What’s your local gym?
  • It sounds rather strange to say but it is by far the fittest gym I have been to. It has a real community feel about it and everyone there is open and friendly, yet really focused on their fitness. It is a very relaxed and motivating place to be; you feel that as soon as you walk in.