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Lauren Silvers

Founder and CEO of Glamazon App
Lauren Silvers is the 24-year-old brains behind the beauty app, Glamazon – a revolutionary app for booking on-demand beauty appointments at top salons in Australia. Coming from a beauty and fashion PR background, Lauren now heads up Glamazon as the CEO and is reinventing the way you book beauty appointments.

Name: Lauren Silvers

Home is… North Bondi, NSW

What do you do? Founder and CEO of Glamazon App.

Signature look?
Crisp white shirt, black structured blazer, ripped jeans. I would describe my style as casual luxe.

Favourite three apps, and why?
Glamazon –
(obviously!) Glamazon has revolutionised the way women book and pay for salon appointments. It is the Uber of the beauty industry.
The Best Day- This app is great when I’m planning a catch up dinner with the girls – it allows everyone to vote on a time, day, place and time, whatever receives the most votes wins – just like Glamazon, it takes the hassle out of planning.
Instagram- I use Instagram on a daily basis for my business, it’s a great way to inform and to inspire.

Every woman should own?
A well tailored black blazer and the perfect LBD.

You’ve got $50 left in your beauty bank; blowdry or mani-pedi?
That’s a tough choice! Probably a mani-pedi. You can get away with DIY hair in a meeting, but never a chipped nail.

At 24, you’re the founder and director of the Glamazon beauty app. What lessons in business have you learnt?
That taking risks and failing are positive things – they lead you to a better path, a better strategy, and hopefully closer to solving a problem more successfully. I also believe that being kind to everyone you meet is important in both business and life. You never know whom you might need help from in the future!

What are the biggest surprises or challenges you have faced creating a technology start up?
The biggest challenge in creating a startup that is outside the realm of your expertise or experience, such as technology for me, is building your team. A lot of communication and trust is necessary to ensure that you have the right people working with you to effectively execute your vision and your dream.

What’s your favourite travel destination and why?
New York. I lived and worked there for a year after graduating from University. I love the atmosphere, the energy, the people, the fashion, the food. There is always something exciting happening and I love that.

Beauty product you can’t live without?
YSL touché éclat complexion highlighter is a must have for radiant, glowing skin.

Favourite online store and why?
This is a hard one! I love The Iconic because the 3-hour delivery option is perfect for me as I’m such a last-minute person. I do love the entire experience from Net-A-Porter though – from browsing the beautiful imagery to receiving the impeccably packaged and chic parcel.

What’s next for Lauren Silvers and Glamazon?
I have some really exciting things in the pipeline for Glamazon, which will allow me to play outside the beauty industry. The next year will keep me very busy and allow for lots of exciting travel!

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  • Jason’s services and advice really helped Glamazon’s social and marketing strategy, which is essential for new businesses.